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Geomancy Open Group L’Auberson (VD) 25.08.2018

Maria Teresa De Donato, Ph.D.
Traditional Naturopath, Homeopath, Life Strategist, Author

Geomancy Open Group L’Auberson (VD) 25.08.2018


In our December 2017 (   and July 2018 ( articles we had the chance to give a look at the amazing work of a Geomantic Open Group whose members periodically meets in Switzerland and participate in excursions in the alpine region.  Through their rituals, they try to purify and heal the Earth from the negative or even just stagnant energies so that Chi/Qi or Cosmic Energy may freely flow again as it is supposed to.  No need to say that having a healthy environment rich of positive energy is greatly beneficial to the health of all living beings along with all that is.

As we have mentioned in the past, during the ritual some remedies/essences are used.  In this article, therefore, we will start by clarifying a few aspects and terms of the procedure not everyone might be familiar with.

As we have probably read in our previous reports, during each ritual, some natural, highly diluted and potentized (“dynamized” in Homeopathy) solutions were used.  These solutions are natural remedies that both Herbalism and Homeopathy employ.  Although many people might erroneously believe that these two holistic methods are the same, this happens not to be the case.  However, and for the time being, rather than dwelling on the explanation about all similarities and all differences that characterize each of them, we will be focusing only on a few aspects, that is, on the concepts of dilution and potentization (or dynamization) which are, in fact, common to both of them.

We want to start by saying that as holistic methodologies, both Homeopathy and Herbalism are based on the theory of vitalism, that is, the understanding and belief that all living beings are animated by a vital principle, also called Life Force, which is basically the very energy that keeps all living beings ‘alive.’  Since it is the quantity, the quality and the state of the Life Force present in any living being at any given time that determines the state of health, as well as the possibility of maintaining and/or restoring it, all herbal and homeopathic remedies are intended to help the Life Force to stay as healthy as possible.  Since the Life Force is energy, hence something that vibrates at a much higher frequency than everything that is material, thus including our bodies, through the process of dilution (or high dilution) and potentization/dynamization the remedies, from whatever source, are highly diluted (in homeopathy, for instance, this might be performed by using 90% alcohol and 10% water) and vigorously shaken at any step of the dilution (in homeopathy, in case of soluble substances, this is also known as “succussion”). 

In so doing it is believed that at each passage/dilution, followed by a consequent dynamization/potentization/succession, each remedy gets energized due to the fact that the medicinal properties contained in each natural substance in its raw state become awakened and their consequent healing powers are activated.  This is also equal to say that the more diluted, the stronger the remedy, hence the more powerful its effect.  Having said that, the dilution D52 is much more powerful, hence effective, than D28, as well as a homeopathic remedy labeled Ch 200 is much stronger than those labeled Ch 6, Ch 9, or even Ch 30.  

The selection of natural resources and the consequent preparation of herbal and homeopathic remedies are quite fascinating as well as complex and will most likely be the object of a future article.

I hope you will enjoy the following report and be intrigued by the wonderful connection that we all have with Mother Nature and our breathtaking Planet.

(written by Sandy Stewart)

We meet again to work on our project: our goal is to draw energy lines in all eight cardinal directions, starting from the center of gravity of Switzerland up to the state border.  To the north (Koblenz, AG), south (Binntal, VS), southeast (Valle Morobbia, TI) and northwest (Ederswiler/Pleigne, JU) we are directed this time towards west to L'Auberson (VD).

Our meeting place is a parking lot at the entrance of L'Auberson.  The participants are as follows: Petra Züger, Michael Walthert, Christoph Luginbühl, Sandy Stewart, Ursula and Stephan Meyer, Andrea and Daniel Kormann, Sonja Schreiber, Nadine Constantin and Nathalie Erard.  From there we drive towards Col de L'Aiguillon to a forest road branch, where we park.  The sky is gray, and it is raining.  The temperature drop is striking, and we are all happy about the warm jackets we took with us.  A short walk (about 300 m/984 ft) and we are already at the border between Switzerland and France.  An approximately 50 cm (about 20 inches) high, overgrown moss stone wall marks the border and a “No Trespassing” sign warns that the access there is forbidden.  It is not a natural limit – an imaginary line separates two countries.  All of a sudden World War II comes back to my mind: how many people might have tried to cross that line – a line that could mean either life or death for them, and how many were actually able to make it through?  It is really strange, how in some places the borders were drawn.

                                  Boundary wall to the south.       Boundary wall to the north.

                   And in between the open passage, though marked with a “No Trespassing” sign.

It is a beautiful forest with a good energy – somewhat overgrown with many stumps, ferns and mushrooms.  The trees must have been felled some time ago because they are covered by dense moss.  We walk just a few steps along the border to the north and discover the perfect place: about eight stumps of once mighty trees form a circle and, in the midst of them, there is another tree stump resembling an altar.  The energy here is fantastic.  We can literally feel that these trees are not dead at all, but rather linked to one another through their roots, which have young trees in their midst and all communicate with each other.  The wisdom of the age and the dynamism of the youth it is shown here through a beautiful harmony.

It is still raining, but the young trees form a roof with their leaves, which protects us to a large extent.  After looking at the place and feeling [the energy], we prepare ourselves for the ritual.


As always, valuable ideas flow in from all participants, so that we end up with a powerful ritual.  First, we set up all the utensils on the tree stump altar: two butterfly candles, two stones from the Älggi alp and the potentized healing water from the Älggi alp.  We are already at D52 potency.  Andrea Kormann has filled the D52 solution in a small and in a large bottle.  To address multiple levels of consciousness, she has poured the unused portions of D1-D51 into a small and a large bottle.  In addition, a piece of bark is added  on the altar, which we found on the way here and decorated with gifts of nature: a stone, red and green leaves, a piece of wood, mushrooms and a pine cone.  The whole thing is completed with lavender we brought from home.

As a reminder to anyone who does not remember or who is reading a report for the first time: Daniel Kormann grinded a stone from the Älggi alp, which he had found together with Andrea under the fir trees just below the symbolic center of gravity.  Andrea added the powder to 40% alcohol and put it in the sun.  Then she energized the first mixture.  This means: 1 part of stone mixture and 9 parts of 25% alcohol are poured into a bottle and shaken well.  The bottle is beaten 28 times on the hand or on a cushion. That gives D1. Then 1 part of D1 and 9 parts of 25% alcohol are mixed, shaken and beaten.  That gives D2.  Andrea continued until she had D52.

The tree stump altar and the immediately adjacent tree form the anchor point.  Today we are eleven persons, seven women and four men.  We form a circle and integrate the tree as a twelfth living being.  We regard the tree as a female being and so there are always two women among the four men.  Christoph is once again in a very good mood.

We connect with the Earth and the Universe as well as with all present forms of energy and beings.  Then we connect to the Älggi alp as well as to all the places that we have already visited in the context of this project.  At each connection step, the energy becomes more powerful.  Lastly, we draw the energy from the Älggi alp to this point, to the western border.  We let the energy flow for a while and then put the two small vials with D52 or D1-51 in a hole in front of the altar.  There are also five stones from St. Peter's Island symbolizing the five elements.  We place the two stones of the Älggi alp on the left and on the right of the hole, leaning against the tree stump and about half-buried in the ground.  The decorated bark is left at the top of the altar because it feels just right so.

We form a circle again.  Subsequently, one person always leaves his place, walking around the outside of the circle until she/he is standing opposite the altar, so that she/he can walk from the front to the altar.  As first step, we distribute the contents of the large bottle with D52 at the anchorage point.  In the second round, we repeat the same procedure with the D1-D51 bottle, except that some of us leave the circle and sprinkle the other tree stumps with the liquid.  Petra and Christoph complete the ritual by successively impregnating the anchor point with the quintessence drops Pallas Athena (Beauty & Creativity) and Lady Nada (Love that knows no bounds).  During the ritual, it stops raining, the sun breaks through and a light breeze blows around us.  Nature seems to thank us!

We say goodbye to this place and thank all those who supported us during the ritual.

On the way back, Ursula places two moss lichens, which she drizzled during the ritual with the potentized healing water, to the two stone pillars of the border crossing.

Not far from the anchor point, we come across this interesting place:

Someone has used strong branches to extend the roots of the tree stump and, over time, moss has overgrown the whole thing – which is something both interesting and beautiful.  The mood is reminiscent of a magic forest from one of the fairy tales.

We walk back to our cars.  Due to the wet and cold weather, we change the original program and drive to Lake Neuchâtel at Yverdon-les-Bains.  After a picnic outside and a warm-up drink in a restaurant, we sit down to the shore and discuss the next meeting that will take us to South Tyrol.  The next limit point is definitely not as easy to reach as today's!

Andrea asks if we might be interested in meeting with Thomas Rava about the energy quality of the year 2019 from the point of view of I Ching.  Since there is great interest, she will try to organize such an event in the Zoom Room Video in January.  At the beginning of the January meeting, Andrea will show everyone interested in how the process of potentiation proceeds.

Stephan brings the Einsiedeln Abbey as our possible next project.  We will discuss this in more detail at our next meeting and define the 2019 annual plan.

We had a great day – felt a lot, but also laughed a lot.

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