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Making one’s own dreams come true - Interview with Andrea Ansevini and Sara Marino - by Maria Teresa De Donato


Making one’s own dreams come true

Interview with Andrea Ansevini and Sara Marino

by Maria Teresa De Donato


Today I am very pleased to introduce you Andrea Ansevini and Sara Marino, two friends and fellow authors whom I had the pleasure of meeting some time ago and who also hosted myself and another author, Vinicio Salvatore Di Crescenzo, on their Youtube channel.

Andrea and Sara are very active on socials (and not only). They are two smart guys, easy going, intelligent, and equally determined to be successful in life and whom I admire a lot. It is a pleasure to have met them and to be able to consider them not only colleagues but also friends.

As for the title I gave to this interview, I was inspired by the advice that Sara's grandparents gave her since she was a child: “Never stop fighting to make your dreams come true”, a thought I fully agree with.

There are many aspects to consider with them and, therefore, just as Sara would say "I throw the ball" to them.


MTDD: Hi Andrea, hi Sara. Welcome to my Blog and Virtual Cultural Salon. I am very happy to have you as my guests today.

AA: Hi Maria Teresa, thank you for hosting us.

SM: Hi Maria Teresa, thanks for the hospitality.


MTDD: Let's start by introducing yourselves to our readers: Who you are, what you do for a living, and any other information you wish to share with all of us.

SM: My name is Sara Marino, I was born in Prato (Region: Tuscany, Italy) on January 6, 1979. In my life I have done many jobs but unfortunately because of Covid, now I'm at home. I have a great passion for reading, writing, and painting as well as for everything that hides in the dark and awakens my imagination.

AA: My name is Andrea Ansevini, I was born in Ancona (Region: Marche, Italy) on April 30, 1979. I am employed in an electronics company in the intercom sector as a test worker. I have many passions. Writing comes first, but I also have a passion for music, photography, and everything related to fantasy, because I have always had a sharp imagination.


MTDD: Now, a must ask question: How did you end up writing and subsequently publishing your books?

AA: I started writing in 1990-91 by chance at the age of 11. One day I wrote a thought that I had in mind and a first rudimentary poem was born. I started writing books in 2010 since I often like to challenge myself. Having already had several poems to my credit, I later decided to give short stories a try as well; however, since they weren't enough for me, I said to myself "why not try writing a novel?" and that’s what I did. In 2015 I self-published my first novel.

In 2016 I met Rita Angelelli from Le Mezzelane Publishing House at an evening charity event that I had conceived and organized with a librarian from a nearby town to raise funds for the earthquake victims of central Italy. That evening I met Rita for the first time; we exchanged our contact details, and I sent her a novel I had just finished: the well-known “Beyond the door”.

SM: I loved writing since I was 15, but the first works I wrote will remain in the drawer forever. About ten years ago, I eventually decided to follow my dream and let my imagination create the Rebecca and Marcus saga where I was able to give way to my ideas about vampires and their immortal life. I was able to publish it in June 2017 after discovering Le Mezzelane Publishing House on Facebook


MTDD: Andrea I know that you have already participated in numerous literary competitions, also receiving special and honorable mentions.

Why do you think it is important to participate in these competitions and with what criteria do you choose which ones to take part in?

AA: I decided to participate in these competitions always to keep challenging myself  and also to compare myself with other people who have my very passion, regardless of the result because the important thing is to participate. I do not mention them because there are many competitions in which I took part and many, as you said, are the prizes I won as well as the various mentions I received. Among all are 42 awards received including cups, plates, and medals. I choose only free contests, and rarely, only every now and then, some which might require a fee to be paid.


MTDD: Sara, I don't know if you have participated in literary competitions and received awards as well. Whatever the case, can you explain your experience and your personal view as author on whether or not you participated in them and why?

SM: I rarely participated in literary competitions. I took part in two literary competitions with Le Mezzelane Publishing House. One on horror stories "Dark Presences", where one of my stories though not a finalist was, however, included in the anthology. The other for the literary competition "It is not your fault" anthology on disorders and bullying where there is also one of my stories. I find that the experience of literary competitions is interesting and an important step to grow as an emerging writer, so I recommend that new authors look into this world.

MTDD: Tell us about your publications, genres, topics covered, which of your books and possibly characters you are most fond of and why.

SM: My favorite genre is definitely fantasy. I love every facet and every creature of this genre, and immerse myself in every story. In my books, "Monster" in reality most of the time he is not really as such. Their feelings, their emotions are always pure and sincere. I love all my characters, but the protagonists of the Rebecca & Marcus saga have a special place in my heart, having been created in a very special time of my life. Right now, however, I have a new saga, with four Vampire Brothers, with whom I feel a very strong bond.

AA: My favorite genre is fantasy first and foremost. I also love horror, gothic and noir. I really like to fantasize and be part of the story, in fact often I also like to bring Andrea Ansevini into my stories. I like to live with my characters that I create and who live like me by transmitting some message that draws the reader into the story. In my novel “Oltre la porta” (Beyond the door) I am particularly fond of Michele, because he is one of us and many of us can find ourselves living the situations that happen to him and I love him as if he were my brother. I have many projects, one of them is a noir that I sent to CE and I hope it will come to light soon; moreover I am also very fond of Pinocchio whose sequel to the well-known book by Collodi we all are familiar with will be released soon; even if it is still a manuscript that I have on the PC I have become attached to a book, "The most beautiful summer of my life" because I tell a touching story that really happened to the brother of a dear friend of mine.


MTDD: You are both very active on socials both with your personal profiles and with your authors’ respective pages and in particular on your profiles where you regularly post video-interviews that you do with other writers and which you then upload to your Youtube channels.

How did this idea come about? Why did you decide to conduct these interviews together, and what has been so far your experience with the various authors you met, even if only virtually?

AA: We came up with this idea in early February and we realized it in March during the lockdown. We liked making presentations together which unfortunately wasn't possible, so we opted for those online and started getting ready for them.

The experience with the authors was a subsequent consequence. Seeing that many were making these presentations online, Sara and decided to do something similar. At an online presentation we launched this challenge and people responded enthusiastically and it was an unprecedented success.

SM: As Andrea said, the lockdown due to Covid pushed us to try an adventure that at first was supposed to remain only among us, but which then, extended to the other authors, opened up a new world for us, new friends, beautiful books, and bonds that are and hopefully will last for a very long time.


MTDD: Leaving aside the Covid emergency which has actually disrupted the lives of all of us, how do you spend your free time? Do you have other passions or hobbies that you cultivate?

SM: In addition to writing, I read books of all kinds and also many manga. I also love to spend my free hours often drawing with various techniques. Pencils, markers, watercolors, on canvas, on glass.

AA: Besides writing, I read a lot of books of all kinds. I really like composing music, going for walks, and taking photographs of landscapes and backgrounds which I then use as a background for my poetic texts. As I said I have a passion for photography, in fact I haven’t mentioned it before, but I also do photo shoots.


MTDD: The books you have published are numerous and it would be impossible to consider them all in depth in a single interview. We, therefore, might need to postpone that to our next one. In the meantime, all those who wish to buy your books or simply contact you, how can they do so?





MTDD: Thanks Sara and Andrea for accepting this meeting. I look forward to seeing you for an upcoming interview.

SM: Heartfelt thanks to you and I hope to hear from you at the next opportunity.

AA: Thanks to you for the hospitality and I hope to see you soon on other occasions, since I have many books on their way some of which I am writing on my own while others in collaboration with other authors, including one with Sara.

Realizzare i propri sogni - Intervista ad Andrea Ansevini e Sara Marino - di Maria Teresa De Donato


Realizzare i propri sogni

Intervista ad Andrea Ansevini e Sara Marino

di Maria Teresa De Donato



Oggi sono lieta di presentarvi Andrea Ansevini e Sara Marino, due amici e colleghi-autori che ho avuto il piacere di conoscere qualche tempo fa e di cui io stessa sono stata ospite con un altro autore, Vinicio Salvatore Di Crescenzo, sul loro canale Youtube

Andrea e Sara sono molti attivi sui socials (e non solo). Sono due ragazzi in gamba, semplici, intelligenti eed altrettanto determinati ad avere successo nella Vita e che ammiro molto. È un piacere averli conosciuti e poterli considerare non solo colleghi, ma anche amici.

Per quanto riguarda il titolo che ho dato a questa nostra intervista, sono stata ispirata dal consiglio che proprio i nonni di Sara le hanno dato sin da bambina: Non smettere mai di lottare se vuoi realizzare i tuoi sogni”, pensiero che condivido appieno.

Tanti sono gli aspetti da considerare con loro e, quindi, proprio come direbbe Sara “Lancio la palla” a loro.


MTDD: Ciao Andrea, ciao Sara. Benvenuti sul mio Blog e Salotto Culturale Virtuale. Sono molto felice di avervi miei ospiti oggi.

AA: Ciao Maria Teresa grazie per averci ospitato con te.

SM: Ciao Maria Teresa grazie per l’ospitalità.


MTDD: Iniziamo con il presentarci ai nostri lettori: Chi siete, cosa fate nella vita e qualsiasi altra informazione desideriate condividere con il nostro pubblico.

SM: Io sono Sara Marino, sono nata a Prato il 6 gennaio del 79. Nella vita ho fatto molti lavori ma purtroppo causa Covid, adesso sono a casa. Ho una grande passione nella lettura, nella scrittura e nella pittura e in tutto ciò che si nasconde nell’oscurità e che risvegli la mia fantasia.

AA: Io sono Andrea Ansevini, sono nato in Ancona il 30 aprile 1979. Nella vita sono impiegato in una ditta di elettronica nel settore della citofonia come operaio collaudatore. Ho molte passioni. La scrittura in primis ma ho anche la passion per la musica e la fotografia, tutto ciò che riguarda la fantasia, perchè non la fantasia non mi è mai mancata.


MTDD: Domanda d’obbligo: Come siete approdati alla scrittura e conseguente pubblicazione dei vostri libri?

AA: Sono approdato alla scrittura nel lontano 1990-91 per puro caso a 11 anni. Un giorno ho scritto un pensiero che avevo in mente ed è nata così una prima rudimentale poesia. Ai libri ci sono arrivato nel 2010 dato che spesso mi piace mettermi in gioco. Avendo già all’attivo diverse poesie, mi sono cimentato in seguito con i racconti e non mi bastavano, così mi sono detto “perchè non provare a scrivere un romanzo?” E così ho fatto. Nel 2015 ho pubblicato in self il mio primo romanzo.

Nel 2016 ho conosciuto Rita Angelelli de Le Mezzelane Casa Editrice a una serata benefica che avevo ideato e organizzato con una bibliotecaria di un paese qui vicino per raccogliere fondi per i terrmotati del centro Italia. Quella sera ho conosciuto per la prima volta Rita, ci siamo scambiati i contatti e ho inviato a lei un mio romanzo che avevo terminato da poco: il noto “Oltre la porta”.

SM: Sono approdata alla scrittura da sempre, fin dai 15 anni, ma I primi lavori che ho scritto, resteranno nel cassette per sempre. Una decina di anni, ho deciso di dare più peso al mio sogno lasciando che la mia fantasia creasse la saga di Rebecca e Marcus dove ho potuto dare il via alle mie idee sui vampire e sulla loro vita immortale. Sono arrivata alla pubblicazione nel giugno 2017 scoprendo Le Mezzelane Casa Editrice su Facebook


MTDD: Andrea so che tu hai partecipato già a numerosi concorsi letterari ricevendo anche menzioni speciali e d’onore.

Perché ritieni importante partecipare a questi concorsi e con quale criterio scegli a quali prendere parte?

AA: Ho deciso di partecipare a questi concorsi sempre per il mio mettermi in gioco di continuo come al solito ed essere anche un modo di confrontarmi con altre persone che hanno la mia stessa passione, indipendemente dal risultato perchè l’importante è partecipare. Non li cito perchè sono moltissimi i concorsi a cui ho preso parte e moltissimi appunto come hai detto i premi vinti e menzioni varie ricevute. Tra tutti sono 42 i premi ricevuti tra coppe, targhe e medaglie.  La scelta la faccio solo sui concorsi gratuiti, raramente ogni tanto anche a pagamento.


MTDD: Sara, non so se anche tu hai partecipato a concorsi letterari e ricevuto riconoscimenti. Qualunque sia il caso, puoi spiegarci la tua esperienza e la tua personale veduta quale autrice sull’eventuale partecipazione o meno ad essi?

SM: Ho partecipato raramente a concorsi letterari, ho preso parte a due concorsi letterari con Le Mezzelane Casa Editrice. Uno su racconti horror “Oscure presenze”, dove un mio racconto non è arrivato finalista ma è nell’antologia. L’altro per il concorso letterario “Non è colpa tua” antologia sui disturbi e bullismo dove è presente anche li un mio racconto. Trovo che l’esperienza dei concorsi letterari sia interessante ed importante come momento di crescita per uno scrittore alle prime armi quindi consiglio di affacciarsi alcune volte in questo mondo.


MTDD: Parlateci delle vostre pubblicazioni, dei generi, temi trattati, a quali dei vostri libri ed eventualmente personaggi siete più affezionati e perché.

SM: Il genere che preferisco è sicuramente il fantasy. Amo ogni sfaccettature e ogni creatura del genere, imemrgendomi in ogni storia. Nei miei libri, il “Mostro” in realtà nella maggior parte delle volte non è tale fino in fondo. I loro sentimenti, le loro emozioni sono sempre pure e sincere. Amo tutti I miei personaggi, ma I protagonisti della saga di Rebecca&Marcus hanno un posto speciale nel mio cuore, essendo stati creati in un periodo molto particolare per me. In questo momento però ho una nuova saga, con quattro Fratelli vampiro, cui sento un legame molto forte.

AA: Il mio genere preferito è il fantasy in primis. Adoro poi l’horror, il gotico e il noir. Mi piace molto fantasticare ed essere parte della storia, infatti spesso ci sono anche io come Andrea Ansevini nelle mie storie. Mi piace vivere con i miei personaggi che creo e che vivono come me trasmettendo qualche messaggio che attire il lettore nella storia. Del mio romanzo “Oltre la porta” sono affezionato a Michele, perchè è uno di noi e in molti ci si possono ritrovare a vivere le situazioni che gli capitano e gli voglio bene come fosse mio fratello. Ho molti progetti, uno su tutto un noir che ho inviato alla CE e spero verrà alla luce presto, inoltre sono affezionato anche a Pinocchio dato che a breve uscirà il seguito del noto libro di Collodi che tutti conosciamo, inoltre, anche se ancora è un manoscritto che ho al pc mi sono affezzionato a un libro, “La più bella estate della mia vita” perchè racconto di una storia toccante accaduta realmente al fratello di un mio amico carissimo.


MTDD: Siete entrambi molto attivi sui socials sia con i vostri profili personali sia con le vostre rispettive pagine di autori ed in modo particolare sui vostri profili dove postate regolarmente video-interviste che fate ad altri scrittori e che poi caricate anche sui vostri canali Youtube.

Com’è nata l’idea, perché avete pensato di gestire le interviste insieme e qual è stata sino ad ora la vostra esperienza con i vari autori che avete incontrato anche se solo virtualmente?

AA: L’idea ci è nata assieme nei primi mesi di febbraio e si è concretizzata maggiormente a marzo durante il lockdown. Ci piaceva fare delle presentazioni assieme che purtroppo non è stato possibile, così abbiamo optato per quelle online e ci siamo iniziati a organizzare.

L’esperienza con gli autori è stata una conseguenza successiva. Vedendo che molti facevano queste presentazioni online io e Sara ci siamo detti di fare qualcosa anche noi. A una nostra presentazione online abbiamo lanciato questa sfida e la gente ci ha risposto entusiasta ed è stata un successo senza precedenti.

SM: Come detto da andrea, la clausura dovuta al Covid, ci ha spinto nel tentare un’avventura che all’inizio doveva restare solo tra di noi, ma che poi, ampliata agli altri autori, ci ha aperto un mondo nuovo, nuove amicizie, libri bellissimi e legami che sono e spero dureranno per molto.


MTDD: Tralasciando l’emergenza Covid che di fatto ha sconvolto la vita di noi tutti, come trascorrete il vostro tempo libero? Avete altre passioni o hobbies che coltivate?

SM: Io oltre allo scrivere, leggo libri di ogni genere e anche molti manga. Adoro poi passare spesso le ore libere, nel disegnare con varie tecniche. Matite, pennarelli, acquarelli, su tela, su vetro.

AA: Oltre a scrivere, leggo molto libri di qualsiasi genere. Mi piace molto comporre musica, andare a fare passeggiate e fare fotografie a paesaggi e sfondi che poi uso come sfondo per i miei testi poetici dato come detto ho la passione per la fotografia, infatti prima non l’ho detto, ma faccio anche servizi fotografici.


MTDD: I libri che avete pubblicato sono numerosi ed è impossibile trattarli tutti in maniera approfondita in un’unica intervista. Rimandiamo dunque alla prossima. Nel frattempo tutti coloro che desiderassero acquistarli o semplicemente contattarvi, in che modo potranno farlo?





MTDD: Grazie Sara ed Andrea per aver accettato questo incontro. Vi aspetto con piacere per una prossima intervista.

SM: Grazie di cuore a te e speriamo di risentirci alla prossima occasione.

AA: Grazie a te per l’ospitalità e a presto con altre occasioni, dato ne avrò molte sia da solo che in collaborazione, tra cui appunto con anche con la qui presente Sara.  

Eigene Träume zu verwirklichen - Interview mit Andrea Ansevini und Sara Marino - von Maria Teresa De Donato

Eigene Träume zu verwirklichen

Interview mit Andrea Ansevini und Sara Marino

von Maria Teresa De Donato


Heute freue ich mich, Andrea Ansevini und Sara Marino, zwei Freunde und Mitautoren, die ich vor einiger Zeit kennengelernt habe und die ich selbst mit einem anderen Autor, Vinicio Salvatore Di Crescenzo, auf ihrem Youtube-Kanal zu Gast hatte, vorstellen zu können.

Andrea und Sara sind sehr aktiv in sozialen Netzwerken (und nicht nur so). Sie sind zwei kluge Kerle, einfach, intelligent und gleichermaßen entschlossen, im Leben erfolgreich zu sein, und die ich sehr bewundere. Es ist eine Freude, sie getroffen zu haben und sie nicht nur als Kollegen, sondern auch als Freunde betrachten zu können.

Der Titel, den ich diesem Interview gegeben habe, hat mich von dem Rat inspiriert, den Saras Großeltern ihr seit ihrer Kindheit gegeben haben: “Höre nie auf zu kämpfen, wenn Du Deine eigene Träume verwirklichen willst”, ein Gedanke, den ich voll und ganz teile.

Es gibt viele Aspekte, die bei ihnen berücksichtigt werden müssen, und daher, genau wie Sara Euch allen sagen würde "Ich werfe den Ball".


MTDD: Hallo Andrea, hallo Sara. Willkommen in meinem Blog und meiner virtuell- kulturellen Salon. Ich freue mich sehr, Euch heute als meine Gäste zu haben.

AA: Hallo Maria Teresa, danke, dass Du uns bei Dir aufgenommen hast.

SM: Hallo Maria Teresa, danke für die Gastfreundschaft.


MTDD: Beginnen wir damit, uns unseren Lesern vorzustellen: Wer Ihr seid, was Ihr beruflich macht und welche anderen Informationen Ihr unserem Publikum mitteilen möchtet.

SM: Ich bin Sara Marino, wurde am 6. Januar 1979 in Prato (Region Toskana, Italien) geboren. In meinem Leben habe ich viele Jobs gemacht, aber leider wegen Covid, bin ich jetzt zu Hause. Ich habe eine große Leidenschaft für das Lesen, Schreiben und Malen und für alles, was sich in der Dunkelheit verbirgt und meine Fantasie anregt.

AA: Ich bin Andrea Ansevini, wurde am 30. April 1979 in Ancona (Region Marken, Italien) geboren. In meinem Leben bin ich als Testarbeiter in einem Elektronikunternehmen im Intercom-Bereich beschäftigt. Ich habe viele Leidenschaften. Ich schreibe an erster Stelle, habe aber auch eine Leidenschaft für Musik und Fotografie, alles was mit Fantasie zu tun hat, weil mir Fantasie nie gefehlt hat.


MTDD: Obligatorische Frage: Wie seid Ihr zum Schreiben und anschließenden Veröffentlichen Eurer Bücher gekommen?

AA: Ich bin 1990-91 durch Zufall im Alter von 11 Jahren zum Schreiben gekommen. Eines Tages schrieb ich einen Gedanken, den ich im Sinn hatte, und ein erstes rudimentäres Gedicht wurde geboren. Ich bin 2010 zu den Büchern gekommen, da ich mich oft gerne engagiere. Nachdem ich bereits mehrere Gedichte unter meinem Gürtel hatte, versuchte ich mich später an Kurzgeschichten und sie reichten mir nicht aus, also sagte ich mir: "Warum nicht versuchen, einen Roman zu schreiben?" Und so tat ich es. 2015 habe ich meinen ersten Roman in Self veröffentlicht.

2016 traf ich Rita Angelelli von Le Mezzelane-Verlag bei einem Wohltätigkeitsabend, den ich mit einer Bibliothekarin aus einer nahe gelegenen Stadt konzipiert und organisiert hatte, um Spenden für die Erdbebenopfern in Mittelitalien zu sammeln. An diesem Abend traf ich Rita zum ersten Mal, wir tauschten Kontakte aus und ich schickte ihr einen Roman von mir, den ich gerade fertiggestellt hatte: das bekannte “Oltre la porta” (Jenseits der Tür).

SM: Ich habe seit meinem 15. Lebensjahr immer geschrieben, aber die ersten Werke, die ich geschrieben habe, bleiben für immer in der Kassette. Ungefähr zehn Jahre lang beschloss ich, meinem Traum mehr Gewicht zu verleihen, indem ich meine Fantasie die Rebecca- und Marcus-Saga erschaffen ließ, in der ich meinen Vorstellungen über Vampire und ihr unsterbliches Leben nachgeben konnte. Ich kam im Juni 2017 zur Veröffentlichung, als ich den Le Mezzelane-Verlag auf Facebook entdeckte.


MTDD: Andrea Ich weiß, dass Du bereits an zahlreichen Literaturwettbewerben teilgenommen und auch besondere und ehrenvolle Erwähnungen erhalten hast.

Warum ist es Deiner Meinung nach wichtig, an diesen Wettbewerben teilzunehmen, und nach welchen Kriterien wählst Du aus, an welchen Du teilnehmen möchtest?

AA: Ich habe mich entschlossen, an diesen Wettbewerben immer für meine ständige Herausforderung wie gewohnt teilzunehmen und mich auch mit anderen Menschen zu vergleichen, die die gleiche Leidenschaft wie ich haben, unabhängig vom Ergebnis, denn es ist wichtig, daran teilzunehmen. Ich erwähne sie nicht, weil es viele Wettbewerbe gibt, an denen ich teilgenommen habe, und viele, wie Du gesagt hast, die gewonnenen Preise und verschiedene Erwähnungen. Unter allen 42 Auszeichnungen, darunter Pokale, Teller und Medaillen. Die Wahl treffe ich nur bei kostenlosen Wettbewerben, selten hin und wieder sogar gegen Gebühr.


MTDD: Sara, ich weiß nicht, ob Du auch an Literaturwettbewerben teilgenommen und Auszeichnungen erhalten hast.

Könntest Du auf jeden Fall Deine Erfahrungen und persönliche Meinung als Autorin erklären, ob Du daran teilnimmst oder nicht?

SM: Ich habe selten an Literaturwettbewerben teilgenommen; ich habe an zwei Literaturwettbewerben mit Le Mezzelane Casa Editrice teilgenommen. Eine über Horrorgeschichten "Dunkle Gestalts", in denen eine meiner Geschichten nicht zum Finalisten wurde, sondern in der Anthologie enthalten ist. Die andere für den Literaturwettbewerb "Es ist nicht deine Schuld" Anthologie über Störungen und Mobbing, wo es auch eine Geschichte von mir gibt. Ich finde, dass die Erfahrung von Literaturwettbewerben als Moment des Wachstums für einen Anfänger interessant und wichtig ist, deshalb empfehle ich Euch, ein paar Mal in diese Welt zu schauen.


MTDD: Erzähelt Ihr uns von Euren Veröffentlichungen, Genres, behandelten Themen, welche Eurer Bücher und möglicherweise Charaktere Ihr am meisten mögt und warum.

SM: Mein Lieblingsgenre ist definitiv Fantasy. Ich liebe jede Facette und jede Kreatur des Genres und tauche in jede Geschichte ein. In meinen Büchern sind die "Monster" in Wirklichkeit die meiste Zeit nicht wirklich so. Ihre Gefühle, ihre Emotionen sind immer rein und aufrichtig. Ich liebe alle meine Charaktere, aber die Protagonisten der Rebecca & Marcus-Saga haben einen besonderen Platz in meinem Herzen, da sie in einer ganz besonderen Zeit für mich geschaffen wurden. Im Moment habe ich jedoch eine neue Saga mit vier Vampirbrüdern, die mir sehr verbunden ist.

AA: Mein Lieblingsgenre ist in erster Linie Fantasy. Ich liebe auch Horror, Gothic und Noir. Ich mag es wirklich zu phantasieren und Teil der Geschichte zu sein, tatsächlich gibt es oft auch mich wie Andrea Ansevini in meinen Geschichten. Ich mag es, mit meinen Charakteren zu leben, die ich erschaffe und die wie ich leben, indem ich eine Botschaft übermittle, die den Leser in die Geschichte hineinzieht. In meinem Roman “Oltre la porta” mag ich Michele sehr, weil er einer von uns ist und viele von uns die Situationen erleben können, die ihm passieren, und ich liebe ihn, als er mein Bruder wäre. Ich habe viele Projekte, eines davon ein Noir, das ich an die Europäische Kommission geschickt habe, und ich hoffe, dass es bald ans Licht kommt. Außerdem mag ich Pinocchio, sobald die Fortsetzung des bekannten Buches von Collodi, von dem wir alle wissen, wird es veröffentlicht werden, auch wenn es noch ein Manuskript ist, das ich auf dem PC habe, habe ich mich an ein Buch angehängt, "Der schönste Sommer meines Lebens", weil ich eine berührende Geschichte erzähle, die wirklich dem Bruder eines lieben Freundes von mir passiert ist.


MTDD: Ihr seid beide in sozialen Netzwerken sehr aktiv, sowohl mit Euren persönlichen Profilen als auch mit Euren jeweiligen Autorenseiten und insbesondere mit Profilen, in denen Ihr regelmäßig Videointerviews veröffentlicht, die Ihr mit anderen Autoren führt und die Ihr dann auf Eure Youtube-Kanäle hochladet.

Wie ist die Idee entstanden, warum habt Ihr darüber nachgedacht, die Interviews gemeinsam zu verwalten, und welche Erfahrungen habt Ihr mit den verschiedenen Autoren gemacht, die Ihr bisher getroffen habt, wenn auch nur virtuell?

AA: Die Idee wurde Anfang Februar mit uns geboren und im März während der Sperrung konkreter. Wir haben gerne Präsentationen zusammen gemacht, was leider nicht möglich war. Deshalb haben wir uns für die Online-Präsentationen entschieden und mit der Organisation begonnen.

Die Erfahrung mit den Autoren war eine spätere Folge. Als wir sahen, dass viele diese Präsentationen online machten, sagten Sara und ich uns, wir sollten auch etwas tun. Bei einer Online-Präsentation haben wir diese Herausforderung gestartet und die Leute haben begeistert reagiert und es war ein beispielloser Erfolg.

SM: Wie Andrea sagte, hat uns das Gehege von Covid dazu gedrängt, ein Abenteuer zu versuchen, das zunächst nur unter uns bleiben sollte, das dann aber, erweitert auf die anderen Autoren, eine neue Welt für uns eröffnete, neue Freunde, schöne Bücher und Anleihen, die hoffentlich lange halten.


MTDD: Abgesehen von dem Covid-Notfall, der das Leben von uns allen tatsächlich verärgert hat, wie verbringt Ihr Eure Freizeit? Habt Ihr andere Leidenschaften oder Hobbys, die Ihr pflegt?

SM: Neben dem Schreiben lese ich Bücher aller Art und auch viele Mangas. Ich liebe es auch, meine freien Stunden oft damit zu verbringen, mit verschiedenen Techniken zu zeichnen. Bleistifte, Marker, Aquarelle, auf Leinwand, auf Glas.

AA: Neben dem Schreiben lese ich viele Bücher aller Art. Ich mag es wirklich, Musik zu komponieren, spazieren zu gehen und Landschaften und Hintergründe zu fotografieren, die ich dann als Hintergrund für meine poetischen Texte verwende, da ich sagte, ich habe eine Leidenschaft für Fotografie, tatsächlich habe ich es vorher nicht gesagt, dass ich auch Fotoshootings mache.


MTDD: Die Bücher, die Ihr veröffentlicht habt, sind zahlreich und es ist unmöglich, sie alle in einem einzigen Interview eingehend zu behandeln. Wir verweisen daher auf den nächsten. In der Zwischenzeit wie können die Leute di Eure Bücher kaufen oder einfach Euch kontaktieren möchten, das tun?





MTDD: Danke Sara und Andrea, dass Ihr dieses Treffen angenommen habt. Ich freue mich darauf, Euch für ein bevorstehendes Interview zu sehen.

SM: Herzlichen Dank an Dir und ich hoffe, bei der nächsten Gelegenheit von Dir zu hören.

AA: Vielen Dank für die Gastfreundschaft und bis bald bei anderen Gelegenheiten, da ich viele sowohl alleine als auch in Zusammenarbeit haben werde, auch genau mit Sara.


Monday, February 8, 2021

Baby Boomers versus Millennials: A Comparison Between Two Generations - Interview with Tommaso Sibilia - by Maria Teresa De Donato


Baby Boomers versus Millennials:

A Comparison Between Two Generations 

Interview with Tommaso Sibilia 

by Maria Teresa De Donato



Fine, I must admit it: I am a lover of ‘printed’ material. I was born in the early 1960s, in a world very different from the one I am living in today. I was surrounded by tall trees thus including beautiful mimosas and in Rome I lived not far from an immense green meadow that, from the then elementary and middle schools, used to lead first to a farm and then to the Don Bosco district, famous for its homonymous cathedral characterized by its large and unmistakable white dome.

In the last 30-35 years many of those apartment complexes have been built in that area so much so that the dome is no longer visible and the farm itself has been completely 'swallowed up' by the surrounding buildings, hence, unless one knows of its existence, it is impossible to find it.

However, not only the landscape has changed, but also our lifestyle, with its increasingly frenetic rhythms and characterized by a technology which it is not only difficult to keep up with, but that very often has alienated us, making us grow apart from each other, through an increased sense of isolation and mistrust towards each other.

On top of that a total decay, which embraces all areas of our daily life, has plunged all of us into a great poverty, when not necessarily materially or financially, even though sometimes that might also be the case, at least culturally, spiritually, and morally.

Hence, while we Baby Boomers meditate on the way and the extent our society around us has changed, a new generation, that of the Millennials, makes its debut into the world.

It is a world made of girls and boys born in the new millennium, often with high school diplomas and university degrees, sometimes with graduate degrees and specializations. Many look around lost in a world that seems to have forgotten and even abandoned them. They seek their way; they wonder what to do and how and where to find 'a job' ... in a society in which the school and even the university have neither led the foundations nor have clearly stated possible career opportunities or paved the way for them to enter the workforce.

Despite misinformation and often confused ideas on what to do next, they have an enormous  potential, great skills along with much energy. They are just searching for an opportunity to show what they are truly worth, hoping that a door will be opened to them ...

Many of these young people, Italians, but also of other nationalities, have contacted me over the years due to my Coaching activity as well as my experience as an Italian who emigrated to the USA.

They asked me questions, they tried to understand what to do, which way to go, which direction to take, regardless the choice they would end up making. I tried to help them, to direct them or at least to make suggestions based on their specific personal characteristics, needs, skills and individual abilities.

My heart goes to them, however, because this sense of bewilderment, this feeling of not being ready for the real life once completed high school and often also academic studies, having to deal with the lack of work, it is something I also experienced a long time ago, as well as many of my generation did. In those days, however, there were no internet, no socials, no online platforms to access and get all sorts of information as there are now. Yet, despite all the progress that has been made and all the high technology we have achieved ... even today's kids continue to feel unprepared to face the real life and the world of work.

Simply stated: everything has changed… and at the same time nothing has.

Just recently I came across, right on socials, another very young and equally smart young boy who is also looking for 'his own way', 'his place in the world' whom I am proud to introduce to you today.

His name is Tommaso Sibilia.


MTDD: Hi Tommaso and welcome to my Blog and Virtual Cultural Salon. It is a pleasure to have you as my guest. 

TS: The pleasure is all mine, thank you for giving me this space on your blog and I hope my story will interest our readers and improve their lives. I think that each of us can teach something new to somebody else.


MTDD: Tommaso, why don't you start introducing yourself to our readers by explaining who you are, what you do in life, the studies you have completed, those ongoing or even future ones, work, or any other activity you keep yourself busy with,  and whatever else you wish to share with our readers?

TS: Sure, I was born in Milan, but at the age of four I moved to Trentino-Alto Adige where my passion for the mountains and especially for the snow was born. Then I moved again, this time to Vicenza. So while changing city (or town) it was very difficult to settle in and make new friends, perhaps also because I'm very shy. This "being alone" (even though my family has always supported and encouraged me in everything) brought me closer to the world of books. This passion was also born thanks to my mother who is a high school literature teacher. I currently study at a scientific high school of applied sciences that is focused on laboratory science subjects. I would like to graduate in aerospace engineering in Milan and then go to work at NASA or SpaceX. 


MTDD: That’s amazing! You started your own blog – Time Break o L’angolo dei lettori (Time Break or Readers' Corner) which, among other things, hosted our recent interview - and your own Youtube channel. 

Why was it important for you to do this and what goals do you wish to achieve through them? 

TS: Indeed, I recently started a book blog where I interview male and female writers, review the books I liked the most and publish my personal reflections. This path I have taken has certainly helped me to start learning and knowing new stories. I have learned that by listening to others you learn much more than what is written in books and for this reason I created my blog. The message I want to convey is just that, I would like to open other people’s minds and let my readers learn as much as possible.


MTTD: I watched your video Una lezione molto IMPORTANTE! Come GUADAGNARE veramente (A very IMPORTANT lesson! How to truly MAKE MONEY) and I greatly appreciated it for your eloquence, for your enthusiasm, but also and above all because in it I perceived to be also your desire to inform and at the same time help your peers, and not only them to find their way. 

What motivated you to take such an initiative?

TS: I try to share my knowledge, whatever I know, with others so that they too can learn from me as well as I from them. What I like to do is to talk because in my opinion, as I have already mentioned, this is the best way to learn. It is precisely for this reason that I always look for an exchange of information and opinions with readers or subscribers.


MTDD: Do you think that the school and the studies you have pursued so far have really prepared you for the world of work and for Life in general or do you find that there are gaps in this sense, pieces that are missing between theoretical preparation and culture in general and what the world of work and real life require to be ready and, consequently, successful? 

TS: The school is ineffective in this respect. It is impressive because you learn everything and even more, but not how to approach the world of work and this is nonsense! Fortunately, I have a teacher who has also paved the way to this knowledge, my literature teacher. She is taking us on a journey to learn how to write resumes and she has also enrolled us in a financial education project which is very interesting. However, I think I know enough about this because my father works as a consultant in the human resources sector, he also deals with the selection and the research of personnel and teaches me a lot every day.


MTDD: I see that you are a smart guy, sunny, full of energy. 

What are your plans for the future? What do you expect and what would you like to achieve? 

TS: I have many plans for the future. I just opened a Time Break podcast that can be listened to on all major platforms. And you will discover the others in time as long as you follow me on socials and blogs ... 


MTDD: What further advice would you like to give to young people and to all those who feel lost, discouraged, frustrated, disappointed and are, therefore, also very concerned about the high rate of unemployment and of the precarious work which unfortunately in a country such as Italy has always seemed to be the 'common denominator' of all generations?

TS: Read, listen, and always learn something new every day. Acquire new skills and above all be flexible in your work.


MTDD: Having a positive and constructive attitude such as yours is essential to be successful in any area of ​​life. Your Youtube video Ricomincia da te! Distruggi i tuoi limiti! (Reset your thinking! Overcome your limits!) focuses on some fundamental points to advance in personal growth and reach greater awareness of who we are and where we want to go, what we want to achieve. A first point consists in challenging oneself and one's own limits, which are often only mental barriers that we create for ourselves and that make us see problems that in reality do not exist; a second point consists in taking action, starting to put our life in order. The order we place, even in the sense of making our bed, tidying up and cleaning our room ... is actually a TRAINING that helps us visualize and train our subconscious and, if we grasp its intrinsic meaning, we understand that it is a metaphor for putting order in every aspect of our life. Your video is well focused on these aspects and extremely effective. I congratulate you.

TS: Thank you very much, you made an excellent point.


MTDD: You're welcome. It is a pleasure. In the hope of helping other young and not so young people who might read our article, can you explain how you personally keep yourself motivated? What do you say to yourself? (= Inner dialogue) 

TS: I am motivated by nature; I was born like this and I always give my best! The advice I can give to others to be motivated is to follow your dreams and reach your goals because if you do something you don't like you will never be motivated and you will never reach your goals. 


MTDD: Thank you Tommaso for participating in this interview. I wish you all the best for the future, whatever choices you might make. 

As for those who wish to get in touch with you, How can they do so besides following you on Youtube and possibly on your Blog? 

TS: I thank you for the space you have dedicated to me and hope that the readers will enjoy my story and find it interesting and entertaining. I wish to remind everyone that they can keep up with me by visiting my blog or listening to my podcasts on major apps or on YouTube!

Thank you very much, I wish everyone all the best!