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We Walk Beside You - Interview with Sandra Mendelson -

Maria Teresa De Donato, Ph.D.
Traditional Naturopath, Homeopath, Life Strategist, Author

We Walk Beside You
-       Interview with Sandra Mendelson -
Animal Channeler and Communicator, Author, Speaker

When I first read about Sandra and later met her, the 1998 movie The Horse Whisperer, majestically interpreted by Robert Redford, came right back to my mind.
For those who don’t remember or didn’t have the chance to watch it, this movie describes the special, tacit understanding and consequent strong bond that takes place between a man and a horse and that leads to the latter’s healing. The story centers on a horse who, after having gone through a trauma due to a terrible accident that occurs and that leaves him physically, and even more so, emotionally severely wounded, becomes unmanageable and impossible to ride. Although the option would be to put him down, her owner reads something about a certain “horse whisperer” and decides to hire him and give the horse a second chance.
To make the long story short, the man starts taking care of the horse… limiting his activity to a careful and silent observation from a distance while sitting or staying on his knees in the field first… with the horse getting closer and closer to him as time passes by, while developing trust that the man is not going to hurt him. Then, through some specific techniques, some of which the man has learned from the Native Americans, the horse is finally able to release his deep emotional pains and trauma, become manageable and can be successfully trained and ridden again.
I personally found this movie to be a very inspirational one, for it teaches us so much about how strong a bond between Man and animals can be and how the communication is always ongoing, no matter if verbally or silently expressed, and no matter if we – humans – are aware of it or not.
When compared to the Horse Whisperer, Sandra Mendelson is more of a Listener. Her animal channeling and communication work with animals, in fact, consists more of receiving information from them rather than teaching them what to do and how.
But let’s welcome Sandra and give her the chance to better explain all these points in her own words.

T: Welcome, Sandra, to my blog and thank you for taking the time for this interview.
S: Thank you Maria Teresa!  I am truly happy to be here with you…

T: I am very happy too. Sandra, Why don’t you start with introducing yourself and explaining how from working in the corporate world you ended up becoming an “Animal Channeler and Communicator”, a “polychromatic LED light therapist” and an “equine photopuncture therapist?”
S: Well Maria Teresa, we get called to make changes in our lives from our inside… . My shift began 15 years ago, when I realized that I cared much more about how my clients and co-workers felt, than about any business deal or transaction that had brought us together.  Since I had been informally studying nutrition since the age of 11, I started there and began my transition into the helping professions by becoming a certified health coach. I loved the fact that, the very definition of “coaching”: empowering and assisting others to find the best answers for themselves – respects our individual uniqueness, or bioindividuality.  At the same time, I was introduced to a few self-healing tools that enable people to reduce or eliminate their chronic pain and stimulate their body’s own healing mechanisms.  Without getting too technical, the system that impressed me with the most consistent and powerful results delivers several beneficial wavelengths of LED light – specifically visible red, visible blue and invisible infrared – to the body. These create very positive, healing effects, especially when the light is pulsed at certain frequencies. What was so different about this modality – from a practitioner’s perspective – was that clients didn’t need to be dependent on coming to me for sessions ad nauseum; if they like their results, they can purchase a light system to use on themselves and their families.  Quite often, my clients’ families included a member with four legs and a tail – and the light therapy sessions yielded such powerful results for their pet that they went on to purchase a system and use it on themselves as well.  It wasn’t atypical for a dog to be able to avoid a $5,000 surgery for a torn ACL – and be able to run again in a few short months.
Anyway, the horses came next: the company that produced this light therapy system also made unique equipment that both pinpointed and addressed the many physical and energetic imbalances that occur in a horse’s body.  I lived in an area surrounded by many horse farms and I just felt compelled to take my next step, becoming a certified practitioner so I could apply this photopuncture (acupuncture with light instead of needles) and work on horses. 

T: Thank you for your detailed explanation, Sandra. It sounds really fascinating and surely – for those ones who don’t love the idea of having needles inserted in their bodies or in their animals’ bodies – photopuncture could certainly represent a valid alternative methodology especially for pain treatment, although I know you personally do not practice this technique any longer.
Why do you think you developed a special interest for horses, it was only because of their being close to where you lived or there were also other reasons? and How are horses different from other animals, such as cats and dogs, for instance?
S: From a practical standpoint, there were many horses near my home who routinely competed, so equine therapy for injuries made sense, business-wise. However, that was only a surface rationale.  I wanted to be near them and help them. I had no desire to control them or even ride them.  Something was compelling me but it would take some time until I figured out what it was.  You are talking about an animal that weighs on average, 1100-1200 pounds but is exquisitely sensitive…and the immensity of what they can tune into and how they respond to your thoughts and behavior is simply breathtaking. For example: if what you are saying/doing is not congruent with how you’re feeling inside, it shows in their behavior. A horse can teach you more about yourself than you can ever imagine.  A dog will typically just go along with you, even if you’re incongruent or acting out. They teach us, but in a different way. 

T: Horses are pretty big animals and if we are not used to have them around we could unintentionally do something wrong, scare them, and find ourselves in a dangerous situation. How did you manage to gain their trust and avoid making mistakes in approaching them, especially at the beginning of your practice?
S: Fortunately, horses know our intention straight away. If you are truly in your heart space, confident, clear and calm – and treat them with respect, they tend to respond in kind.  At most it took only a couple of minutes for them to relax into the therapy. Admittedly, the horses that were my clients were accustomed to other types of bodywork, so they adapted quite quickly.

T: That’s really reassuring to know that despite some mistakes that we might be making when dealing with them, they are nevertheless fully aware of our heart and good intentions. Sandra, How do you communicate with animals, and especially with horses, and How they communicate with you? What kind of information are you gathering from them, and How do you respond to them?
S: Well, we all have sixth-sensory abilities that enable us to know what animals are communicating.  The key is to create enough stillness, time and trust to discover our own gifts.  For example: we can receive images, impressions, thoughts and feelings from an animal, feel sensations in our own bodies, have a sense of instant knowing, etc.  In my case, my primary communication mode is clairaudience: I experience animal messages as words/sentences I “hear” in my head.  It began five years ago, while I was doing acupuncture with light (called photopuncture) on a horse.  It took me about 3 years – solving problems for people by getting answers from their animals – until I truly believed this was real.

T: Could you, please, share with us a few experiences so that we can better understand what exactly goes on during your animal communication practice?

S: Well, all animal communicators have their own version of how they work best and what their best strengths are.  I tend to receive soul messages from animals here and in spirit for, for their humans (as opposed to answering questions like “why does Fifi pee on the rug?”).    I typically ask the client to send me a photograph of their pet’s face. I will then have them ask their pet’s permission for me to tune into them (explaining, first, what “yes” and “no” answers look like, behaviorally). Sometimes the client has specific questions they want me to ask.  I then tune into the animal, record the conversation in print and send it to the client.

T: I know that a few months ago you published a great book beautifully illustrated – We Walk Beside You – Animal Messages for an Awakening World.
While introducing your book, you stated that “The animal kingdom shared its truth with humanity – because enough of us are willing to listen” and that in this book “we step inside the breathtaking world of animal consciousness to encounter the inner lives – and voices – of animals” and that this is possible “through the vehicle of telepathy…”
Let’s deepen into these concepts by starting with: 1) why you decided to write the book and 2) discussing “animal consciousness” – and how it differs from our own…
S: Of course.  The book’s purpose, as stated in the introduction, is to reveal what lies behind the perceived wall between humans and animals and to share the incredible truths and insights they want humans to finally know (about animals, themselves and Life itself).  However, as it took me almost 3 years to truly believe that I wasn’t making up what I “heard” from the animals, I realized that many others were probably doubting themselves and negating what they received. My dog, Mr. T, says that “Doubt is what hurts us all; it’s like someone drove a big sword between us.  Please don’t doubt your inner knowing; we’re here to help you activate it.” So, the other purpose for writing this book is to validate the experiences people are having, connecting with animals, so they trust their intuition more and allow their sixth sensory abilities to blossom.
Now, to reply to point 2) “Animal Consciousness”:
We humans typically live a five-sensory existence; we live our lives from the conscious mind (which is full of judgment and limiting beliefs) and experience ourselves as separate from each other: “My experience is mine, yours is yours, etc.”. From what many species of animals have shared with me, I’ve learned that they experience life simultaneously through their five senses and sixth sense: they gain as much information from energy fields, thoughts and intentions as they do from sights, smells, sounds, etc.  Additionally, while they live their own unique life experiences, they are always also part of the collective experience of their species (e.g.: all tigers) and the entire animal kingdom.  Unlike humans, they are always aware that they are part of a bigger whole. 

T: How interesting! Could you, please, give us a few examples of how a communication with some animals you got to know occurred through telepathy?
S: Well, that’s really so much of what the book is about.  But, my neighborhood squirrels – one who calls himself Max, in particular, truly opened up my understanding of the animal world.  They are every bit as aware, intentional and purposeful as we are – in some ways their existence is even richer.  With the squirrels, it began when I made the first move: saying “good morning, lovely to see you, have a beautiful day” in my mind when I saw one. I was shocked to see how they would stop and hang off the tree gawking at me, in amazement. Then when I went inside, I felt their presence, picked up a pen, and was amazed at the conversation that took place.  They intentionally slowed down enough so I could record everything.  Max became a friend, explaining how very, very much they know about us, how they get information from many sources, what they hope for, in regard to humans.  It’s important to remember that each is still a unique soul, so not all will connect with me, only the more evolved, bolder ones. But I must tell you, they have changed me and my experience of life for the better, forever.

T: Even though in my professional life I don’t deal with animals, in the past I had pets, such as dogs and birds, whom I developed a very strong bond with. While looking at our Planet today, my heart goes to all wildlife and their suffering as consequence of the way many humans have been mistreating and abusing them.
What is your personal perception of what is going on in this regard worldwide, and how do you envision the future for all creatures? What do you feel can be done, Sandra, and how can each of us contribute to put an end to this sufferance and restore balance between us – humans - and all creation, this including all animals regardless their species?
S: This is perhaps the single biggest challenge that the animals have shared with me. Remember that they feel our thoughts and intentions. They are asking us to ONLY focus on the good we want to see in the world because then more of it will be created.  That is how we will affect change. It’s kind of in line with Mother Teresa who said she would never march in an anti-war demonstration, only in a peace march.  Look at what is going on now with fresh eyes and you will see the wrongs that are being righted, the abuses that are being laid bare, one by one. There is an expression: “if you’re torn between two dragons, the one that you choose to feed will be the one that wins.”  In other words, put our energy ONLY into the healing, kindness, truth, honesty, equality, freedom and love we want to see in the world. Don’t sit in the problem, rest in the solution.  This is what the animals want from us; this is how they say we will manifest the world we dream of, so I am following their lead.  I even cleaned out my Facebook newsfeed so that it contains only inspiring or funny things.

T: Is there anything else you would like to add to our conversation about your book or any other aspects we have just mentioned or forgot to mention?
S: Well, simply that the insights and wisdom the animals share ultimately help humans experience life with more understanding, ease and joy.
They also encourage us to spend more time in nature to find the peace within and to connect with who we really are.  When we are happier, we treat our world better, and that includes the animals that share it with us.

T: Sandra, It has been such a pleasure having this interview with you today. I believe that we have all learned so much or at least become even more aware of the animal world and what can we can do to reach a state of balance and harmony again with all that is. Thank you again for having taken the time to meeting with me and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and dedication that you are putting into fostering deeper connection and understanding between humans and animals.
S: It’s really a joy for me Maria Teresa…I am deeply grateful to you.

T:  What if some of our readers would like to order a copy of your book or just get in touch with you. How can they contact you?
S: Thank you Maria Teresa.  We Walk Beside You -The book and animal message cards -  are available on my Amazon Author Page at this link:
My website, blog and email address are available at:
And I can also be reached at my Facebook page, Animal Messages For The Open Heart

T: Again, Sandra, thank you so much for being with us today. I wish you all the success you deserve.
S: Maria Teresa – it’s been a joy.  Thank you ever so much.