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DoTerra Essential Oils - Interview with Marco Rosini, Wellness Consultant

Maria Teresa De Donato, Ph.D.
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DoTerra Essential Oils

Interview with

Marco Rosini, Wellness Consultant

In my October 15, 2015 article (, entitled Tree Essences: The powerful impact of the Cosmic Energy (IQ) on our health and well-being, we already considered topics such as Aromatherapy, Vibrational Medicine and Essences, in that case of trees, and their benefits on human health.

Today I am pleased to host Marco Rosini, Wellness Consultant, with whom we will be discussing about the Essential Oils he deals with in his profession.

T.: Welcome, Marco, on my blog.  It is a pleasure to have you among my guests.

M.: Thank you Dr. De Donato.  It's a pleasure for me too.

T.: Marco, Why don’t we start with introducing yourself to our readers and by telling us a little about you, your professional life, how you got interested in Essential Oils and why you found them particularly intriguing.

M.: I got interested in essential oils in 2017, until then my knowledge was completely superficial.  I thought they were used only in massage centers, to "aromatize" the rooms through the sticks dipped in small oil bottles.  In August 2017, a friend introduced me the benefits of them by "incensing" (that is, by speaking very highly about) the qualities of these oils "DoTerra", compared to anything else you could find on the market.  With little trust at that time, I bought a basic set of oils with a free guide to better appreciate their qualities. Since then I have studied, deepened my knowledge of them, and tried multiple combinations.

T.: What exactly does your activity consist in, and how does it work?

M.: Simply stated, I share the benefits of oils with friends and acquaintances; I try to understand if they have a "health reason" to use them; I leave them a sample of a specific oil; at this point it’s the oil the “one” that really does the work for me.  The result is that people become literally enthusiastic...
I would call it "a mental state" more than an activity.  I remember one day at a cafeteria a boy who stood ahead of me in line, suffering from a strong sinusitis congestion, and who asked me if I had an "oki", that is, a well known anti-inflammatory drug, so I took advantage of that situation and invited him to inhale some of the respiratory mixture "AIR" . Since then he has become an avid DoTerra fan.

T.: In case our readers wished to know more about Aromatherapy, Essences and Vibrational Medicine, they can visit the link above and read also other articles that I published in the past and that refer to the concept of Qi/Chi/Prana/Vital Force, which is in fact the basis of alternative therapies, Aromatherapy included. As for our interview, however, we want to focus on other aspects, citing for example the fact that the essences – such as the same oils you deal with – are actually derived from the processing of herbs and fruit collected in specific areas of world.  Each area of ​​the world, that presents specific characteristics at both environmental and climatic levels, allows to obtain a certain result and, therefore, also a different quality of the harvest, hence of the final product. When these conditions are particularly favorable they contribute to the production of crops that are qualitatively better (NOTE: These principles also apply to the production of Bach Flowers, determining, for example, a difference between those Californians and Australians). As I understand from the information obtained from your site the company that produces the essential oils that you use in your business, follows exactly these criteria.
Can you give us more details about it?

M.: Exactly, DoTerra uses exclusively oils obtained by steam or cold pressure distillation, (in the case of citrus) from plants that thrive in optimal environmental conditions, to be harvested at the time of greatest maturation when the concentration of essential oil reaches its climax.  This creates a significant difference compared to any oil obtained from a plant grown in a hybrid environment.

T.: Can you give us some examples of which herbs and fruits are collected and from which countries?

M.: Certainly: lemon from Sicily, bergamot from Calabria, oranges from Morocco, lavender from Provence, oregano from Turkey, ylang ylang from Madacascar, eucalyptus and melaleuca from Australia, vetiver from Haiti, mint from Washington state, copaiba from Brazil, cardamom from Guatemala ...
We can safely say that DoTerra extracts raw material from all over the world.

T.: Why would you recommend DoTerra Essential Oils and why should our readers consider them superior to many other similar products available on the market today? What distinguishes them in a particular way from making them "excellent" compared to others?

M.: Mainly for 3 reasons:

1 - Ethical: DoTerra pursues a sustainable procurement model with over 2/3 of the oils coming from so-called "developing" areas; it helps the local populations to come together in cooperatives and provides them with a fair and stable remuneration over time; through the "healing hands" foundation, programs with a strong social impact are activated, such as the construction of wells, schools and medical clinics. All this creates a deep connection with the local populations.

2 - Absolutely pure oils. To guarantee the quality is the fact that every single oil has to go and pass five phases of analysis, in order to obtain the CPTG certificate (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade):

Test 1: Gas Chromatography
Test 2: Mass Spectrometry
Test 3: FTIR Scanning (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)
Test 4: Microbiological Analysis
Test 5: Organoleptic Analysis

3 - Traceability: Each bottle has a serial number on the bottom (for example: 180529 peppermint), which opportunely inserted in, provides the analysis of the product we have in hand; with few exceptions, DoTerra oils are edible.

T.: Essential Oils, more than "healing diseases" can have, nonetheless, an extremely profound and positive impact on our well-being and on our health in general.  Do you have any particularly interesting experience you would like to share with us and that you had with your customers who have benefited in particular from specific oils?

M.: Personally I have eliminated the "athlete's foot", that is, small sores that affect the interdigital spaces of the feet, using melaleuca in fractionated coconut oil.  My mother was able to eliminate a wart with oregano oil and several friends have renounced the "pump inhibitors" (in an interview given by Dr. Gioacchino Leandro, president of the Italian gastroenterologists, "I'm at risk of stroke," was explained that "one patient out of two uses them uselessly; they do more harm than good and are also expensive") in favor of the digestive oil mixture or pods.

T.: Do you have any material that can demonstrate the beneficial effects of oils?

M.: Of course: my friend Raffaella (naturopath) has treated with a mix of frankincense, lavender and melaleuca a patient who was hastily diagnosed with an "atopic dermatitis" and since a couple of years could no longer rest the foot on the ground due to the pain…

(Photo 1)

After a week (Photo 2) 

I believe there is nothing more to be said...

T.: Marco, thank you very much for participating in this interview.  I am sure that our readers will find this information very useful.  What if someone wished to contact you to find out more or to order some products, How could they reach you?

M.: For an online magazine and to be informed weekly about the benefits of oils:

To register online with DoTerra and make their own purchases:

Otherwise, whoever wishes to do so, they are free to contact me personally:

Marco Rosini Mobile: +39 3397781543 - whastapp / telegram

T.: Thanks again, Marco, for participating.

M.: Thanks to you for the invitation, the pleasure was mine.  

"Whenever you take a step towards me, I will take two towards you!"
Marco Rosini

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