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Healing the Earth - Interview with Andrea Kormann, Feng Shui Certified Advisor

Maria Teresa De Donato, Ph.D.

Traditional Naturopath, Homeopath, Life Strategist, Author

Healing the Earth

Interview with Andrea Kormann
Feng Shui Certified Advisor

Previously on this blog I published numerous articles that, in one way or another, are all related to Health and Wellness and the way to maintain them. A healthy and balanced diet, an adequate choice and preparation of foods to be consumed, a balanced and healthy lifestyle, regular physical movement, the maintenance of a clean indoor and outdoor environment while avoiding the use of toxic or even highly toxic chemicals, capable of damaging human health, were, therefore, among the topics I wrote about.

To these articles others followed which are related to Feng Shui ( as well as some reports that I published on the activities of the Swiss Group of Geomancy that meets periodically. The voluntary members of this group participate in an activity that I personally consider extraordinary and which consists of procedures aimed at healing the Earth from the damage that the man himself has caused.

These procedures aimed at "healing the Earth" are carried out through ancient rituals  many ancient cultures used and that today primitive and native cultures, which have always had a holistic view of the world and of life, still practice.

It is with great pleasure, therefore, that today I shall introduce you Andrea Kormann, Feng Shui Certified Advisor, member of the Swiss Group of Geomancy. Andrea is the person who actually prepares herbal remedies that are used in rituals.

But let's let her explain the details of her activity and rituals herself.

MTDD: Hi, Andrea. Happy to have you here with us today.

AK: Hello Maria Teresa, thank you very much for your invitation to the interview.

MTDD: Andrea, let's start by introducing ourselves. Who are you, what did you study and how and why you got involved with Feng Shui and made a career out of it...

AK: My name is Andrea Christina Kormann, I live in Berne with my husband and my 8 year old son and I work as a Feng Shui consultant, therapist and system manager. At the beginning I studied herbalism. At that time, my main goal was counseling in complementary medicine, namely herbal medicine, homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, orthomolecular medicine. It was while I was studying TCM that I came across Feng Shui. Together with my husband, I attended courses in 2001 as a Feng Shui consultant. Since 2006 I am an independent worker and have been developing habitat concepts according to energy criteria.

MTDD: In some of my previous articles on Feng Shui, I have already mentioned the concepts of Yin and Yang as well as the energy flows that regulate the activity of Qi / Chi both inside and outside the environments in which we live. Despite these explanations, however, many people when they hear about Feng Shui continue to associate this term only with the design of the environments - home, office, garden – rather than to all the rest.
Could you elaborate by explaining what Feng Shui is for you and why, in your opinion, it goes far beyond the design and arrangement of environments, furniture and so on?

AK: This is why I like to go to the root of the original term Kan yu, which can be translated as "connecting man to heaven and earth". I assume that we human beings are bound by the laws of the nature of heaven and earth. Our health, our whole being, can be influenced by the material forces of the earth and the spiritual powers of the heavens. When we are aware of these natural influences, we can also consider them for ourselves and our environment.
The law of the nature of yin and yang, the law of polarity, which you have already mentioned, affirms that in addition to the visible there is also the invisible, in addition to the material, there is also the spiritual world. For me, designing a healthy living space does not just mean having a powerful place to sleep or work, but also integrating the spiritual world, such as:
- Smoothly regulate workplace and living space to clean up energy from stored information and emotions.
- a center of the heart activated to strengthen the inner center, the love and the supply of life force.
- The development of personality, which is shown with the help of one's life task, life cycles and soul plane.
- respect for our ancestors to recognize and feel the best support even from the spiritual world.

MTDD: For those who might not have a thorough knowledge of Feng Shui and wish to start by applying its basic principles to their home, their office, their garden, but also and above all to benefit in every area of ​​their lives, including health, what advice would you give? Can you give some examples?

AK: For me, after reading some books that, as you stated before, may transmit only partially what Feng Shui is really about, it was crucial to take the path of Feng Shui starting with finding a Master. I advise anyone, as soon as they realize the potential for development in one or more areas of life, to welcome a competent Feng Shui consultant and teacher in their lives. Learn from him these laws of nature for a healthy environment. The real solutions according to energy criteria are all individually adapted to each person.

MTDD: From the health of the environments and people, you then ended up practicing healing to the Earth. Can you explain how, why, but above all, what motivated you to take care of it?

AK: Geomancy belongs to the education of a Feng Shui consultant. We want to integrate what we have learned in our life. Instead of waiting for planners and official authorities to consider aspects of landscape healing in their work, we want to share, share and work with knowledge and experience. During each project in the landscape, it is mainly about activating one's own processes of consciousness and integrating the results. The question is always: What shows us nature, what does it represent? What can we learn from living and vital organisms to translate these patterns into projects for our human environment? For example: our body is centered on the heart that generates a perpetual impulse. Projecting this analogy from the inner body to the external body means that even a living space, a house, a village, a city, a country need a heart, a powerful center for the flow of energy cycles. Just as in our bodies the heart tirelessly pulses the blood, our vitality pulsates in our veins.

MTDD: In the three articles published on this blog related to the excursions and the consequent rituals that the Geomancy Group practiced in the various places you all visited, we read that every time Älggi Alp minced stones were used, sometimes together with the water coming always from that area, but that the dilutions and the consequent dynamizations/potentizations were different each time. In the Binntal, you used the remedy D21, in the Morobbia Valley (TI) the remedy D28 and at the Alberson (VD) the remedy D52.  Many readers - regardless of whether they know or do not know the processes of dilution and potentization/dynamization applied for the preparation of both herbal remedies and homeopathic remedies - they might be wondering what is the criterion you choose the dilution ... Could you explain it?

AK: The perceptions and the common exchange on the Älggi-Alp in every sector of the eight celestial directions made us feel the need and the desire to place the material and the spiritual form of the stones from the center with a ritual. This is in harmony with the fact that, in our journey towards the borders of the country, as the process progresses, the level of dynamization also increases. During the preparation of the remedy, I always associate the center on the Älggi Alp with the place. I visualize in my mind the qualities then perceived and I ask support to the spiritual world. So I enjoy the moment and shake/dynamize the remedy in this meditative state by following as many steps as necessary to get to the center of the place of the rite. So the power levels D17 / D21 / D28 ect. they are actually generated by the spiritual world.

MTDD: For those who had not read the previous articles on excursions made by the Swiss Group of Geomancy, could you, please, explain which is the criteria you use each time for choosing the exact place to stop and practice your ritual? What exactly drives you to stop in one area rather than another? Is it a speech of intuition, of inspiration, of a call that you hear or something else?

AK: Again, it is the connection between heaven and earth, the spiritual world and the material world. The locations, the points of the landscape in the eight directions of the sky at the border have been calculated and measured on a map by our group surveyor.
Locally we connect as a group and with all our spiritual leaders. Thus, the harmonious places for the ritual spontaneously manifest themselves on the excursion through the landscape. The course is chosen if it is suitable for the group.

MTDD: Andrea, what if our readers would like to contact you and learn more about your activities, how can they do so?

AK: Your readers are invited to email me  or visit our website
MTDD: Thanks, again Andrea for participating in this interview and for the fascinating and equally interesting explanations you provided with your answers.

AK: Thank you, Maria Teresa for the invitation. I hope that the work of the Group of Geomancy might inspire others to consciously perceive their environment, landscapes and to connect with other people to create their own projects.

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