Monday, January 25, 2016

Disease and Healing Dynamics (KINDLE Edition)

Disease and Healing Dynamics 


Maria Teresa De Donato, Ph.D., RND, Chom, Life Strategist

(KINDLE Edition)

Health is the most precious element in human life and through the holistic approach, which takes into account the complexity of human existence with its physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects, can be better maintained and reestablished. A phenomenon such as the placebo effect, however, that though containing no active ingredients whatsoever still allows some people to heal, has generated in the researcher the curiosity and desire to better understand the dynamics of healing. This study, through its phenomenological descriptive approach, tries to identify what it is that makes healing possible by analyzing the dynamics of disease and healing and the role and extent that the human belief system and perception play in them. The findings are related to the seven case studies examined in the already published dissertation, whose data collection included field notes and consequent transcripts taken through semi-structured open-ended interviews and observation articulated in three sessions. Leaving aside the different health issues affecting or having affected the participants, some common themes emerged from the analysis...