Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Review to "Ocean of senses" (Maria Teresa De Donato, 2019) by Rosa Genovese

Review to "Ocean of senses" 
Rosa Genovese

By means of this book, Maria Teresa gives us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in an ocean of passion and eroticism. Eros triumphs as a boost to life and the union of free bodies to act in pure pleasure. Too often Western civilization has harnessed the body within strict behavioral rules and rigid theories to compress and contain it as much as possible. In this novel the author tells us that it is possible that the miracle of feeling alive in the physical exchange with the other sex in the name of Eros will occur and happen when we least expect it to make us fully experience the joy, trust, the maximum expressiveness and full freedom of being in our body.

Right from the start the author manages to get us into the story as if we were experiencing it first hand and we were there with the characters to personally live situations, environments and emotions. The reading intrigues and flows quickly. Once the book is started, you can only stop at the last line of the very last page. "Ocean of senses" is not only a novel of love and passion but it is also an indication to succeed, despite the painful experiences that sometimes one might face, in living life by asking ourselves the fundamental questions about our human existence. An ongoing questioning on love, sex, destiny, conscious or unconscious choices that are fulfilled in life and that the author through her protagonist, Claudia, confronts us with.

This novel in its deep essence revolves around the phrase of Oscar Wilde that Maria Teresa quoted: "For most of us the real life is the one we do not live"; but at the same time it is an exhortation to notice and fully experience the miracle of existence in its physical, psychic and spiritual expression as distinct aspects of a single indivisible whole.
Love and eroticism are the very essence of it in their most human and sublime aspects. We just need to read it!
Rosa Genovese (Actress, playwright, psychologist)