Monday, July 24, 2017

Your Kingdom come

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the Kingdom of God. What is it … how can one find it? In this regard, there are different interpretations of it with the major being:

1] Kingdom of God is here and also with God
2] Kingdom of God is not the church
3] Kingdom of God is a place where God’s will happens; that is what makes any place part of the God’s Kingdom
4) Kingdom of God is a real place and a government which will have great impact also on the Earth and its inhabitants.  

How can I say that you may ask. Well, think about it; the most known prayer from the New Testament is the Lord’s Prayer. In it we pray: ‘Your Kingdom come, your will be done’.  So there you are – this is what everybody prays because this is what Jesus told us to pray.

In our world it doesn’t look like the Kingdom of God is expanding or taking over. We have many distressing situation – even in our personal lives not to mention the bigger problems like famine, wars, terrorism and so on. And we should not forget that there are some horrible things within the churches; in so many countries, this including also the United States of America there are many known cases of child sexual abuse by the clergy – there is no Kingdom of God found in these churches nor they can represent it. Everybody in their right mind can see that things are bad, very bad. 

So, you may ask, where is God – where is His kingdom? 
Many among us have been longing for the Kingdom of God to be fully manifested also on Earth, so that His good and perfect will might be accomplished "as above so below' or "as in Heaven so on Earth". 
Hence, you are in charge of the spreading of God’s will. You do something good; you are nice to another person or yourself; you show kindness to others – and then you will foretaste how your life will be in God's Kingdom in its fullest and most perfect fulfillment.

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