Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Reiki Healing - Interview with Erin Travers - Reiki Master Teacher

Maria Teresa De Donato, Ph.D.,
Traditional Naturopath, Homeopath, Life Strategist, Author

Reiki Healing

-         Interview with Erin Travers  -

Reiki Master Teacher

There are several factors that distinguish natural/alternative/complementary medicine from conventional/mainstream/allopathic/western modern medicine.  In this article we are just going to mention the fact that contrary to mainstream medicine, all holistic methodologies take into account

a)      the mind, body and spirit components, this includes not only the physical body per se, but also the psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual characteristics of each individual at any given time and

b)   the role and importance that invisible factors – such as energy flow, energy stagnation and level of vibration – play in our health and wellness.

Although to some people this might sound as something theoretical and almost mystical, in reality it is very practical, objective, down-to-earth and scientific.  As a matter of fact, in the last few decades and even more so in the last relatively few years, through some breakthroughs in different disciplines such as Quantum Physics and Biology, Science has been able to better understand and give an explanation to phenomena that have always been known by ancient and native civilizations.  The latter, despite not being able to fully comprehend the dynamics, reasons and physical laws behind these phenomena, accepted them, nonetheless, as realities, as the manifestation of something Higher than them, not visible and whose activity and power would, consequently, be shown during  ceremonial rituals they employed for both spiritual and physical purification and healing purposes.   

In recent times, therefore, millions of people in our western world have approached, used or even become practitioners of holistic methodologies which specifically focus on the use of energy: among the latter, we find vibrational medicine, chakra and aura cleansing, Kundalini activation and Reiki healing.

Today, it is with great pleasure that I am going to introduce you Erin Travers, a Reiki Master Teacher, who has been practicing this method for some 25 years in beautiful New Zealand.

T: Welcome Erin, and thank you so much for being with us today.

E: Thank you so much for inviting me, Teresa

T: Erin, why don’t you start with introducing yourself to our readers and explaining a little bit about your personal and professional experiences and how and why you approached Reiki?

E:  I have always had an interest in natural health, alternative medicine, and folk remedies.
I’ve had a fascination for stones and crystals forever and used herbs from very young. In 1992, with a young child and new 6 months old I was feeling very post natal, after having a delivery that was somewhat traumatic on my physical body. I had some very painful scarring that had healed quickly but left me with very sensitive scar tissue that made life extremely difficult. I had a couple of friends who recommended that I go for some healing and sent me to a wonderful little healing centre that offered an array of healing modalities.
I met a woman there who had the most beautiful energy about her and she gave me a Reiki healing treatment and told me I should follow up with two more a week apart. The Reiki session was incredible and I felt an incredible warmth which I later learnt was the energy transfer going on. A few days later, between my first and second visit, I discovered that the scarring had gone! Now without going into gory details, I want to emphasise the fact that this scarring was very painful, very debilitating, and had not undergone any changes since a few weeks after delivery.
And in the space of a couple of days it had vanished! No sign of it at all. I pretty much skipped into the healing centre to see her for my next visit and jumped for joy, declaring “I have to learn how to do this to give this out to the world!”  and so I did.

T: That must certainly have been an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing it with us. Erin, how can we define Reiki?

E: Reiki is a particular style of energy healing that originates from Japan, discovered by a man called Mikao Usui. Reiki is usually described as a life-force energy that can be guided spiritually. The practitioner acts as a channel for the energy, rather than the energy coming ‘from’ the practitioner. Because of this the act of giving reiki to someone does not deplete our own energy as is the case in some other modalities.
Reiki will send healing to the areas of your mind, body, or spirit that needs it. It will only work for your highest good, and is completely non-invasive. It will complement any other treatment going on as well, whether it’s surgical, medicinal or physical therapy of some sort, and of course it works beautifully with other natural health practices.

T: Could you walk us through one of your Reiki sessions so that those who are not familiar with it might have a better idea of what Reiki really consists of?

E: I usually have a chat to my clients to understand how they have come to me that day, and if there are any health concerns in particular. I explain what happens during a session and ask them to lie comfortably on the treatment bed. I have dim lighting and soft music playing… it’s a very soothing relaxing atmosphere. My client lies on the bed fully clothed, only removing shoes and outer layers as they wish (jackets or jumpers).
I start at the head end usually and holding my hands just above their body, or resting gently on the skin, I follow a pattern of hand positions covering the main chakras but also other parts as my intuition tells me. The client may simply feel a warm sensation or they feel pleasant tingles, strong magnetic energy or even see colours. Some people like to chat a little throughout the session, this is often the case when they’re carrying emotional hurt – getting things off their chest is very beneficial and of course confidentiality is paramount. I have had very emotional clients at times, I simply let them talk, cry, express whatever they want. I give them tissues and quietly continue. The healing energy helps them release what they need to and every single one has said how much better they felt after. The common descriptions of a session are of deeply relaxing, a sense of release (of tensions, worries, nervousness…), and feeling refreshed afterwards. Some who have physical concerns will feel ease straight away but if the condition is chronic it can take a while longer to relieve.
I feel the energy too, in my hands. I allow myself to be guided to the areas of theirs which need the healing, but by following the chakras those energy wheels are cleansed and refreshed which enables the body to heal itself. Homeostasis is the natural state of our body - it is the imbalance that causes illness and injury: dis-ease.
I will discuss the energy I feel, letting the client know. However, I always emphasise that I do not diagnose. For instance, a lot of energy going on in the lower abdomen of a young woman could indicate gastrointestinal issues, or perhaps she is pregnant? Or menstruating? However she could simply still be digesting lunch. If I were to suggest a condition it could play on the mind of the client and cause stress – that is in direct opposition to the aim of a healing session.
Each Reiki Practitioner has their own particular method of doing things; we each bring something of ourselves to our practice. I like to finish my session with an aura cleanse. This is where I ‘scrub’ the aura with piece of rainbow fluorite to clear away the psychic clutter that we collect as we go through our day. The reiki session in itself does cleanse the whole being but this is an extra touch to wind up. I do this using my hands several inches above their body – not touching at all. Some of my clients have sensed the movement even though they are lying with eyes shut, perhaps facing down at this point.

T: Very interesting. Thank you for this quite detailed description of your sessions. Erin, If Reiki uses the Cosmic Energy that is all around us, outside and inside all that is, and which is usually called Qi, Chi, Prana, Life Force, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to refer to it as Qi (Chi, Prana, Life Force) Energy and Reiki Method rather than to Reiki Energy as we often hear? What is your personal opinion on the matter?

E: Personally, I think these words are our human labels for a phenomenon that is apparent worldwide. There are many words for the sun in many different languages, but they all refer to the some bright light in the sky.
I think energy is universal and transcends language, culture, and human rules. The healing energy of the universe doesn’t mind which particular practice we learn or teach. It doesn’t mind what language we use. A name is simply a label. The name indicates more of the method of teaching, and the human path through our learning that brings us to where we are at the present point. I prefer to call my work simply Reiki. I am a Reiki practitioner and that’s what I teach. As I mentioned earlier, we all bring something personal to our practice. Individuals will add their touch to Reiki, or whatever their modality is. But the energy that flows is simply pure energy. I simply act as a conduit or channel to enable the client to receive it.

T: That’s truly beautifully explained! Thank you. Erin, some people who are not familiar with how energy flow works, let alone with Reiki, might object that these kinds of hands-on practices might involve some sort of “channeling”, this implying that the practitioner becomes an instrument in the hands of spiritual entities. How would you respond to such an objection?

E: I reassure my clients that Reiki is a pure healing method; Reiki only works for your highest good. Describing myself as a ‘hollow reed’ is a phrase I picked up from one of my teachers. She is a gentle soul and these words really felt right – they seem to feel right to my clients too. Explaining that the energy is all around, and that I simply help ‘connect’ them to it reassures them that I am not ‘pushing’ anything onto them. I also remind them that their own brain has the power to shut out anything they don’t wish to receive.

T: This might reassure those readers who are not familiar with the dynamics of energy. Do you personally believe that, when it comes to this energy emanating from our hands… we all, as human beings, are provided with and potentially able to use it or that only some of us are gifted with it, hence able to really employ this energy in order to help people who are ill to benefit from it?

E: I do think that in some ways this energy is available to all of us. However, I also think that to be able to connect to this energy, to be receptive – we need to be vibrating at a higher level than humans usually do. I think ego has got in the way for most. Anger, jealousy, greed, selfishness… these are all emotions humans seem quite attached to but these are the things that hold them down. By living in harmony with your environment you will naturally raise your vibration and sense these higher energies. Those who choose to actively learn will raise it too.

T: Do you think that there are locations, countries, areas on this planet that facilitate energy flow, hence this kind of practices such as Reiki or not?  What is your personal understanding of this specific aspect?

E: Oh Absolutely! There are patterns to energy and vibrations. And of course this beautiful earth we live on is made up of amazing rocks and crystals all of which have their own energy vibration. Throughout history (and longer) mankind has felt drawn to certain areas where the energy feels a certain way, and have used these energies, and these particular sites.

T: In the introduction to our interview, I also mentioned vibrational medicine, chakra and aura cleansing and Kundalini activation. Does Reiki somehow relate to them or not? And if yes, how and to what extent?

E: Our bodies are made up of atoms holding together by vibrating… it’s the precise vibration that we give off, and are drawn to that creates good healthy balances – or the not-so-good imbalances that cause illness. Reiki is a powerful and yet gentle method of using energy to heal. Reiki helps maintain our energetic self and keep those energy wheels moving well. Reiki is one of many methods of energy work; it’s incredibly simple in its practice and is also incredibly effective. I think it feels quite ‘pure’ due to its simplicity.
I practice self-Reiki every day. That self-care has carried me through some challenging times mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Reiki has the ability to balance your chakras, flood an area of imbalance with healing, release past trauma, and clear and strengthen your aura to protect you from outside negative energies.

T: Thank you so much for having taken the time to be with us today, Erin. This was quite an informative interview about how Reiki works and how people can benefit from it for their optimum health and wellness. I invite all the readers to get back to us and let us know how we can further help in this regard. What if some of our readers wished to contact you for further information or even to schedule a session with you?  Do they need to live in your area or session can take place also online regardless the location? How can they reach you?

E: Reiki can transcend time and space, I am able to send healing energy from my home across the world – I have done frequently when my children are overseas. Currently I tend to do healing sessions in Palmerston North New Zealand, I prefer to physically meet my clients, although I am considering opening up to internet work. I only teach reiki face to face, as I have been taught that way and feel strongly that to learn Reiki best it should be in person with a teacher.  I can be reached by email on  or on my facebook page - and will be happy to discuss anything further.

T: Again, it was a pleasure having you here, Erin.

E: Thank you, Teresa, for inviting me….