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DARE TO RISE - 5 STAR Book Review by Wendi Cochrane

DARE TO RISE – Reshaping Humanity by Reshaping Yourself - 


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5* Book Review by  Wendi Cochrane on 24 Aug. 2016 (UK)

"If, like me, you have always wondered “WHY?” WHY are people horrible to each other? WHY, when they are mentally stable, do people think it’s a good idea to introduce excessive drink and drugs into their lives? WHY are people violent, nasty or rude? Then this book would most certainly be of interest to you. Dare to Rise is an informally written conversational book that is underpinned by some thought provoking and interesting  scientific and spiritualist research.

Being a half glass full strong willed and pragmatic person myself I was left wondering how a book like this, with it’s easy to digest and apply teachings that leaves you as the reader the opportunity to decide what to believe in, (if indeed a belief is needed), to become a more fulfilled person, could reach those that need it most. How do we reach those in need such as people who are seeking work but who lack self-confidence, people at risk of redundancy or nearing retirement or people requiring partnership guidance and how can we infiltrate the education system early enough to prevent the ever growing depression and suicide levels amongst teenagers? We know how much mental health issues are costing the NHS and, from where I’m sitting as a member of the general public, we appear to be papering over the problems and not tackling the root cause of the issues. Dare to Rise would, I believe, go some way to doing that.

Not classing myself as either a scientific or spiritual person, most likely because I’ve never really had the time to find out the facts that I would need to believe, there are aspects of the teachings that I struggled to get my head around such as water having feelings, cancer being linked to how we intrinsically feel and focusing on the heart not the mind because isolating the heart is a skill, but if nothing else, it got me thinking and that, in itself, can’t be a bad thing.

I found, being the main carer for 2 adult family members with Dementia, that I was able to take comfort from some of the books teachings and watched, with interest, the clip on Page 202.

If I was to make any suggestions for enhancement I would include a guide to setting goals on page 119 because, again as a fan of goal setting myself, I feel this would be a useful tool.

Subtly it does promote the benefits of coaching, but again, if it works, and it clearly does, why knock it and I liked the final chapter which acted as a summary and 
recommended practice exercises.

So, in summary, I take my hat off to the authors for penning their passion and reasons for an improved, happier more peaceful world. What we all need to do now is help to “spread the word” or, in the words of the authors, “spread the LOVE”. Personally I can’t fault their desire one iota and I truly believe that we wouldn’t find one reader, who took the time to read this book, who wouldn’t agree with them. There IS too much evil in this world and if, as they say, by each and every one of us taking small steps to be nice to ourselves and others then that is the world that I would want to live in and would want my grandchildren to grow up in." 

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