Friday, June 13, 2014

The Art of Juicing


Maria Teresa De Donato, PhD, RND, CNC, CMH, CHom

Although the art of juicing is quite an ancient one, most of us have been more used, since infancy, to fruit juicing rather than to the vegetable kind.  In those last several decades, however, along with the raw food movement, juicing – both the fruit and the vegetable one, or a combination of the two, have become well known and amply spread worldwide.

Why is that?  Because besides being very easy to prepare, raw fruits and vegetables are rich of nutrients which, especially when they are organic, can boost your immune system to an extent no other food can.  Last but not least, juicing allows for a fast and easy digestion and absorption as well.  As a matter of fact the digestive process is fundamental in our health and wellness for several reasons.  First of all, it might be worth to know that our body destines some 80% of the energy at its disposal towards the digestion process while saving the remaining 20% to be divided among all other body functions.  Hence, it goes without saying that when we eat either too much or junk foods or simply wrong combinations of foods which require a greater effort to be digested, the body will take the residual energy it needs to reach its goal from the remaining 20% which it is supposed to be used for other purposes.  This not only means that in those cases we put all the organs taking part to the digestion under unnecessary stress, but also that we deprive the other body systems and organs responsible for other fundamental body functions of the energy they need in order to perform as they should.  The consequence of this is that not only the digestive process requires longer time and more efforts but also that all other functions are impaired, overloaded and put under a great deal of pressure.

Juicing on the other hand, can help us not only to have a better diet regimen by helping us to reduce or even to completely eliminate the consume of animal proteins which requires,  especially when eaten regularly and/or in great amount as most of westerners seem to do, more energy to be digested, but also facilitates the digestion and absorption of a higher amount of all sorts of precious nutrients, that is vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants, we would not otherwise be able to consume if eaten as simple raw or cooked vegetables.  That said, besides helping you to detoxify and to boost your immune system, juicing can also be used to prevent nutrition-related disease and also help in the healing process no matter what health issue we might be affected with, be it an acute, a chronic, or even a debilitating, degenerative one.

In her book Raw Juices Can Save Your Life author Sandra Cabot, physician, writes about her grandmother experience.  When in her twenties, Mrs Susannah Dalton was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis, a severe kidney disease in which “the immune system attacks the tubules of the kidneys causing widespread kidney inflammation and blood and proteins in the urine.”  The doctors at the hospital told Mrs. Dalton’s husband that there was nothing else they could do, which might have sounded pretty much like a death sentence.

Thanks to his expertise in nutrition, Mr. Harry took his wife home and started a raw juicing regimen giving her a glass of raw vegetable juice every hour, alternating “from vegetable growing above the ground and from vegetable growing below the ground.”  This allowed Susannah to gradually regain her health with her kidneys going back to their normal function.  All of this was possible thanks to all the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants contained in the juices she consumed.  She died after a pretty active life at the age of 78.

Another inspirational story is that of Jay Kordich, also known as “the Juiceman”, who has been among the very first and most active advocates to promote juicing in order to maintain and even restore one’s health.  According to his statements, Kordich was able to completely heal his bladder cancer which affected him some 50 years ago, by refusing conventional therapies such as chemio and radio and rather drinking some 13 glasses of carrot and apple juice per day.  In so doing, he proved to be a follower of Norman Walker and Max Gerson, two physicians who spread the notion of the fundamental role that raw foods and juicing play in our health.

In conclusion, no matter what kind of diet regimen you prefer or whether you use juicing to help your body to stay healthy, to work towards optimum health, to prevent nutrition related disease or even to facilitate you inner body mechanism so that healing can occur naturally, the truth is that you will always greatly benefit from it.


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