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Excerpt from the book The Dynamics Of Disease and Healing: The Role That Perception and Beliefs Play In Our Health and Wellness (De Donato, 2015)

Excerpt from the book The Dynamics Of Disease and Healing: The Role That Perception and Beliefs Play In Our Health and Wellness (Published July 10, 2015) (pp. 16, 17)


Health is undoubtedly the most important aspect of human life.  Though many
treasure it, those who do not are forced to realize its absolute necessity as son as it is
seriously compromised and, possibly, lost forever.  Despite the fact that for millennia
Man has searched for the Tree of Life to restore what many believe might have been the
original human condition on earth, a state most likely characterized by total physical and
psychological well-being, this much sought-after goal continues to be elusive.  Recent
statistics show that the countries worst affected today by debilitating diseases are,
paradoxically, those whose healthcare systems consist of the most modern medical
practices and technologies. 
Though traditional medicine has scientifically proven that lifestyle, diet, stress
and degraded environmental conditions do impact human health, as a holistic health
practitioner, I firmly believe that other, more intangible elements may play a fundamental
role in the dynamics of health and healing.  I asked myself, Do perception and beliefs
impact our health, and, if yes, to what extent?
This study starts with an examination of what health and disease really are.  It
looks closely at the placebo effect and at the power of suggestion.  It explores the power
that the mind and spirit exert, as suggested by the practices of ancient and primate
cultures, as well as the individual’s level of awareness and consciousness.  Finally,
through analyzing and observing seven case studies, it attempts to identify and name
those factors responsible for elevating human well-being to its optimal level.
Statement of the Problem

Too often, people resign themselves to eventual diagnoses of disease based on
inherited genes and chronic illness among their relatives.  Though genetic factors may
indeed render a person more prone than another to a certain health condition, it does not
necessarily follow that the individual is destined to express it.  The belief that we have no
control over our health is, in fact, the consequence of negative and passive attitudes that
denote a lack of knowledge and information, low awareness of who we really are and
how our bodies function and communicate with us, poor understanding of how the
individual belief system influences human life and health and ultimately, of the powerful
ability we may have to potentially avoid altogether or reverse certain conditions. 
Certainly, very often people get sick and do not heal under conditions of the
psychological stress they experience as a consequence of the way they interpret and
perceive reality.  However, as they become aware of this dynamic and improve their
mindset, favorable physiologic results often occur, some nearly immediately.


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"Finished reading this wonderful book, “Disease and Healing Dynamics”. I LOVED IT!! The author Maria Teresa De Donato, PhD. delivers a powerful message about health and wellness. This extract from her dissertation “The Dynamics Of Disease and Healing: The Role That Perception and Beliefs Play In Our Health and Wellness”, also published, focuses on belief, perception and individual awareness about illness. It got me thinking about many things especially a persons spiritual path to “awakening”. The author provides excellent sourced and cited case studies, revealed in CH 7, where we learn about disease at a core and cellular level. As well, the author brings to light our individual tendencies related to thinking, feeling, and sensing. Are all three ingredients necessary for transformation? Very insightful, thought provoking and demystifying. Great research here." Francesca Durham ~ Spiritual Entrepreneur

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