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Geomancy Open Group Report 20th - 21st October 2017 Binntal

Maria Teresa De Donato, Ph.D.
Traditional Naturopath, Homeopath, Life Strategist, Author

Whether we practice or just believe in Geomancy or not, we can certainly share the vision of our amazing Earth being healed. We can do so through prayers, good intentions, visualizations, hence by sending positive energy and vibrations full of love.

Despite all the heartbreaking news we are bombarded with each and every single day, there are plenty of good things happening all around us. Our world is full of amazing people who are doing their very best to heal our Earth in each possible way through their loving, caring and nurturing intentions and consequent actions.

Today I am honored to introduce to my readers the experience of some extraordinary people who, out of their good hearts, have been doing an excellent job in this regard.

Having said that, I wish to thank all of them for giving me the chance to share one of their greatest adventures, beginning with Michael Walthert, Feng Shui Consultant, Intuitive Personality Coach, who has been already a guest on this blog with our October ( and November 2017 ( interviews and who is one of the people responsible for  this Geomancy Open Group, and Christoph Luginbühl for having written such an exciting report.

To all our readers: Enjoy the reading along with the spiritual and emotional connection you will most likely experience with it.

Geomancy Open Group Report

20th  - 21st  October 2017 Binntal

Friday, October 20th, 2017 at 07.30am we settled at the train station in Spiez to drive with two cars afterwards through the Lötschberg into the Binntal. Unfortunately, Sandy Stewart had to cancel shortly before 7:00am because her right knee had been swelling since the night before. This decision was not easy, but it proved to be a wise one.

The mood is a bit cloudy because of Sandy’s cancellation. But we are all looking forward to what is coming next. Sandy will be safe with us - the (important) stones from the Älggi Alp were handed over to Sandra Hess at 06.45am, when she passed through Interlaken.

The route from Brig to Binntal stretches for several miles and from the main road to Goms gets very narrow. We have to drive through a tunnel some 1 km (0.000621371 miles) long and suddenly we find ourselves in a "different" world. Wow! It is so fascinating here. The village of Binn is so magical. First of all, our hotel Ofenhorn: it is in the middle of the village and is a time-honored one. We are welcomed and welcomed in a very friendly way.

Here we meet Andrea and Daniel Kormann with their son Julian and Nathalie Erard. Now we can get started. Andrea will explore the mineral route with Julian and the rest of the group (Petra Züger, Sandra Hess, Nathalie Erard, Stephan Meyer, Michael Walthert, Daniel Kormann and myself) will board the taxi and transport us to the Lengenbach mines at 1653m. [of altitude] (ca. 5423.228 ft)

Of course, the photographer (Stephan) is missing in the picture

From there it starts getting pretty steeply. In the shade it is still quite chilly - after only 20 minute walk we get warm and make a tenue relief. We pass through a dark forest with very old trees, fallen trees and many boulders. Everyone feels this heaviness [in the air] and the two gates. Then the forest clears up and the autumn shows its most beautiful side. The ascent continues, but it is very comfortable to walk and, as he always does, our mountain guide Stephan is going to find a suitable pace for everyone. This is how we reach Lake Mässer.

What else can be said? Here we perform our attunement. Michael leads us to a stone with three corners. The energy here is very strong and we feel immediately and deeply connected to the earth. During the attunement, Fall winds blow vigorously in our faces. When we join a group and are a unit, it is windless. You can imagine, therefore, how we felt. Yes!

Some pictures of the further ascent, [from] the Geisspfad to Passo della Rossa
at 2473 m (= 8047.9 Ft)

Geisspfad (= Goat’s Path): This term is the perfect match for this place.

Here we eat and see our destination behind the lake at the deepest incision on the right: the Passo della Rossa. The effort was worth it. This view, this tranquility and this energy. Just awesome!

Suddenly we are really drawn to our destination. We are unstoppable. At the top, we congratulate with each other as usual. But this time the emotions are even stronger, and we feel extremely connected to one another and to this place. The view is amazing, the energy great and the bond with the group gigantic.

The landmark of 1923 Passo della Rossa at 2473 m. (= 8047.9 Ft)

View towards Italy

We soon found a suitable place on this rocky ground and dig a small hole.

The ritual

The procedure is clear, as it closely follows the one established in Koblenz. We dig a hole where we will be burying and consecrating the two stones chosen by Sandy from the Älggi Alp, along with the two small vials raised by Andrea to D21. On the way, I noticed a special stone, which I took with me. Also this stone (the third) should be placed as a gift in the small hole. It perfectly fits with the other stones. In addition, a letter, handwritten by Andrea, with the explanation of potentiation is to be placed in the hole.

Nathalie took her geomancy cards with her. We all draw a card. Because the time is quite advanced, and we still have a long descent ahead of us, we will discuss the cards in the evening. Furthermore, it is quite cold here above 2400 m! (=7874.016 Ft)

Daniel holds the stones and the vials in his hands over the hole. All of a sudden, we all touch the stones and the vials together. We switch with our hands from the bottom up. We are so connected and let the love flow. It’s simply beautiful. We do not want to let go anymore. Then we all go together on our knees and carefully place the stones and vials in the little hole. The connection with the center of Switzerland and with Koblenz in the north is immediate and natural! Proceeding clockwise, everyone offers their gifts. We keep sending love in while still on our knees.

Nathalie says: It needs you! And she proceeds with an incredible ooooom followed by everyone else’s. Wow!

Of course, we are not alone here. The whole area around us is full of ancestors, spirit guides, guardian angels, and nature beings. The presence of Sandy and Lady Diana is also very strong.

Our emotions tell us that we did the right thing and that we are on the right path.

We wish we had not to leave, but after our ritual the sun is gone and in the shade it gets uncomfortably cold. After the hole is filled again with soil, Stephan puts a stone slab over it as a protection.

We are all simply happy - knowing that we are doing the right thing. And we all have once again been given proof that such a ritual does not involve your head, you just need to feel it with your heart, and have faith in the support of the spiritual world. It was just perfect!

Reality catches up with us quickly and we are fast approaching the long steep descent. After we have the "scree" with the very rickety surface behind us, we enjoy the last rays of sun, the bright larches and this great atmosphere. Stephan postpones the taxi from 17.00 to 18.00 and so we arrive late and tired but totally satisfied at our hotel.

After having checked-in and taken a hot shower, we are all ready for an aperitif. Our dinner is great, and our mood is excellent.

The cards that had been drawn are now presented to us and the accompanying texts read from their book. It is clear that every card perfectly fits every individual’s specific situation. It is always amazing to see how all drawn cards give accurate statements and inputs for the whole group.
Fatigue takes over and everyone goes to bed early.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

After breakfast we check-out, load everything into our cars and take a short walk to a beautiful place above the village of Binn.

We sit down and start exchanging our thoughts and perceptions. This is a very important and a very educational process, and it brings each and every one of us back into yesterday’s energy and mood.


Daniel: He has trouble stopping on the climb. His backpack feels heavy and pulls him backwards. Looking at it, it appears clear that something is not quite right; when he reaches the top, he can remove a small grain.

Michael: At Lake Mässer, he was really drawn to the stone with the 3 corners, where we did the tuning. He got his feelings confirmed there. That's a strong group!

Stephan: As for him, weeks before the Geomancy Day took place, some events occurred that accompanied him to this location and to this ritual. At lunch it was a challenge for him to be standing. That drew him towards Passo della Rossa. At the top, he was overwhelmed by the number of people present in this huge arena, and he just felt tremendous peace. He was also impressed by the countless faces [that appeared] on the rocks (as guardians). He was very attuned to the earth and to this place, but also strongly connected with the immaterial world!

Petra: The fact that Sandy was not physically there appeared "weird" to her, yet Sandy was mentally there for her. Once we passed the tunnel and just before reaching Binn, a special world opened up for her. During the ascent, she was also very shaky on her feet, she saw many stones and heart-shaped boulders and felt this deep love within her heart. At the ritual, the connections were just there. The energy on the rock felt like an erupting volcano. While descending, she could enjoy everything and just find peace within herself.

Sandra: At the attunement at Lake Mässer, such a strong wind was blowing, but nothing could have stopped our group. We were immediately united and connected. During the ritual we were strongly touched by [a sense of] lightness, of abundance and humility.

Nathalie: Everything has a rhythm, starting with walking. The selection of the place for the attunement was easy. On the top, she saw only a limit as for our human hands touching this stone. The earth has no limits! Everything is cross-border! She sometimes feels the world’s pain coming from animals, plants, etc. that makes her extremely sad. That is why she is grateful to perform this wonderful work in such a group: to open the heart and to let the love flow within her heart, to give love and to make her tears flow. This healing and peace are for all beings.

Andrea and Julian: They spent the whole day on the adventurous rock trail. This valley, the Binntal, is unique in the world and is known for the variety of its different crystals and minerals. Ten stations with stones to explore and experience with all senses, stimulated by panels with questions and instructive explanations, led to the minerals Lengenbach target, where dolomite marbles with pyrite were to be found. Andrea explains how she came up with the Hexagram 40 and increased the exponentiation from D18 to D21. A little bit of this healing mineral water is bottled in a vial and given to each participant so that we can all take home this wonderful gift.

Christoph: He suffers the ascent, is not at all treading, he is shaky on his feet and often comes off the path (Geisspfad). At the top he feels immediately better. He feels this powerful and very harmonious place. The card drawn confirms his impressions. Caution: do not get off track!

Julian: Suddenly he stands in front of the group and says: That’s enough talking! I'll show you something briefly and then we start with Qi-Gong.

Yes, that's exactly what we do! The Qi-Gong exercises under the guidance of Petra are Yin-Yang and they do really well to our bodies. Finally, we do a very strong, emotional exercise that completes our work perfectly.

The exercise goes like this: we touch the ground, take energy from the earth and bring it to our heart. Now from our hearts, we give this energy to Heaven, and we take energy from Heaven back to our hearts. From our hearts, we then give energy to all beings and bring it back to our hearts. From our hearts, we now give it down to Mother Earth. We do this exercise on various topics such as: gratitude, courage, humility, love, peace, etc. Ingenious! Thank you!

In the meantime, we all got hungry and after [having taking] the meal on the terrace at the hotel Ofenhorn we say goodbye to each other. This process is always tedious since everyone wants to remain for as long as possible in this great vibration. But it is clear to us that our everyday life will catch up with us as soon as we pass the tunnel. But we can certainly still spend some time [together] during this extraordinary weekend.

The village Binn with the hotel Ofenhorn in the middle

That's what it looks like all around

A selfie to finish with all participants at the Qi-Gong place

Michael Walthert: Organizer


                                                          Report written by Christoph Luginbühl 

Translation from German to English : Maria Teresa De Donato, Ph.D.

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