Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Getting to know me as a person and as a professional…

What people think about me...

Roberta De Angelis (USA)
Italian Psychologist 

“I have met Dr Maria Teresa De Donato some years ago.
She’s a kind, positive, cheerful person who has proven herself to have extraordinary empathy and sensitivity. 
She is able to approach someone else’s emotions with spontaneity, she can listen without giving lessons, understand without judging.

On the whole, she’s a truly genuine person, well provided with intuition and intellectual vigor, a trustworthy and competent professional able to give everyone the right answer in the most comprehensive way.

Impossible not feeling comfortable with her, it’s just like talking to a relative or a close friend!”

Dr. Mucalla Sherif  (Europe) 
Independent Researcher and Lecturer in Social Science 
“Dr. De Donato is an extremely versatile, intuitive, and creative professional whose motivational and coaching skills will help you to identify problems, weaknesses and strengths while opening your eyes to new opportunities you might have otherwise never thought of, and allow you to reach your most important goals. Thanks to her leadership and people skills, her amazing listening ability, her capacity to connect with people at an emotional level she is able to fully understand and correctly interpret your desires and needs and, in so doing, to enable you to reach a higher state of awareness and to increase your self-confidence. Her help as a Life Strategist goes above and beyond what one could ever imagine and wish for. It is very important to meet the right coach who can advice and assist you properly and who does understand what is needed and when and can effectively pass that knowledge on to you. That is why, after having personally witnessed her activity, I am very impressed by Dr. De Donato's coaching practice and more than happy to recommend her as a highly qualified professional."

Glenna Miller  (USA)
MAJ, USA (Ret); Millie Lewis Professional; EcoPreneur
"I have great admiration and respect for Maria. She understands the value of developing and supporting a network of social connections. Maria is a knowledgeable and experienced professional who is always ready to share her expertise with others. She a serious business resource and I appreciate her."

Francesca Durham  (Canada) 
Executive Search Consultant, Clinical Harp Musician & Facilitator 
"Maria Teresa is an amazing woman! You're in good hands with Maria Teresa as your personal LIFE STRATEGIST. It isn't often that one finds another person who graciously shares her wisdom, exudes great confidence and always speaks from the heart. Meet her if you can. Speak to her. Be amazed as I am." 
"Finished reading this wonderful book Disease and Healing Dynamics. I LOVED IT!! The author Maria Teresa De Donato, PhD. delivers a powerful message about health and wellness. This extract from her dissertation The Dynamics of Disease and Healing: The Role That Perception and Beliefs Play In Our Health and Wellness, also published, focuses on belief, perception and individual awareness about illness. It got me thinking about many things especially a person’s spiritual path to “awakening”. The author provides excellent sourced and cited case studies, revealed in CH 7, where we learn about disease at a core and cellular level. As well, the author brings to light our individual tendencies related to thinking, feeling, and sensing. Are all three ingredients necessary for transformation? Very insightful, thought-provoking and demystifying. Great research here." 

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