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Tree Essences: The powerful impact of Qi on our health and wellness

Maria Teresa De Donato, PhD, RND, CNC, CMH, CHom

For my October 2015 article I was looking for something new and which could inspire me.  Hence, I was very excited when I came across an amazing lady, Céline Cloutier, whose name has been associated for quite some time to a pretty unique kind of products: Tree Essences.

Céline is a Canadian who lives in beautiful Quebec and whose life took a turn in a totally different direction in the 90's when she became involved with vibrational healing and opted for a career as a holistic health practitioner. Since then she has co-founded a company and transformed what began at a local distribution to what is now a worldwide one.

The Tree Essences her company produces increase the level of awareness which helps the individual to identify, and consequently correct, patterns of negative ways or thinking and perceiving reality and which in some cases may have contributed to certain erroneous behaviours as well.  The use of Tree Essences is also part of what is defined Energy Medicine, also referred to as Energy Therapy, Vibrational Medicine and Vibrational Healing, which is a branch of alternative/complementary medicine.

Foundation of Vibrational Medicine is the understanding that all living organisms are animated by a non-physical inner force that gives them the property of life.  This principle is known as vitalism and is based on Chi.  Chi, also called qi, prana or life force, is the cosmic energy that flows through and sustains all organic life, thus including plants, flowers and trees, has an electromagnetic vibrational frequency which, in the case of essential oils and natural essences, reaches the highest frequencies of any measured natural substance and, consequently, has the highest impact at a mind-body-spirit level.

It has been proven, in fact, that every atom in the Universe has its own vibration (or motion).  Each vibration has its own frequency, that is its own oscillatory rate per second, and which is measured in Hertz.  Hence, the higher the frequency, the higher the vibration, the higher the level of energy.  In an optimal state of health, the human body's vibrational frequency varies from 62 to 68 MHz, which indicates a state of harmony and balance at all levels, mental, emotional and physical.  However, when this state of energy balance is disrupted, for one reason or the other, diseases at a physical level may be originated.  Stress is among the major factors which interfere with this energetic imbalance and end up compromising our health at a physical level as well.  It's fundamental, however, to understand that stress is nothing else but our mental and emotional response to certain events we may be confronted with in life.

In this regard Tree Essences, by conveying the energy of the trees thanks to a subtle liquid extract usually taken orally as drops, can help to restore the sense of emotional and mental balance and harmony we might have lost.  Although not claiming to “cure” any specific diseases or health issues, these natural products can contribute to our overall health and well-being from a holistic perspective (mind-body-spirit). They can be applied as complementary methodologies and accompany specific nutritional regimen, conventional treatments and dietary supplements.

I am very happy, therefore, for having had the opportunity to interviewing with her and sharing some useful information with all my readers and hope you may all benefit from it.

Teresa: Hello Céline, and thank you for taking the time for this interview.

Céline: Hello Teresa, it is such a pleasure to share about the magic of trees with your readers.  It's always an honor to speak of how trees, these magnificent and oldest beings on this planet, have remarkable gifts to share, and by simply observing and feeling their presence we allow the trees to have a favorable, beneficial impact on our well-being.

T: These are truly profound and fascinating concepts, Céline.  Thank you for sharing them with us.  I know you used to work at school either in administrative or teaching positions.  How did you end up being involved in the holistic health field?

C: It was such a natural journey, Teresa, and it's amazing to see how life sometimes orchestrates things. (smile)  It was in 1994 when my son began pre-school.  I carefully selected this wonderful holistic school in Ottawa, known as Waldorf.  I was immediately taken by the philosophy of their teaching, “from inside out’’, meaning “experiencing through activities that nourish the entire being, and then understanding intellectually.”  I had studied child education, psychology, dance therapy, and had been already practicing meditation for some 20 years.  I decided to get involved in the school with my son and studied to become a kindergarten teacher.  It was during those years that I was introduced to Bach’s remedies. Finally, in 1997, I met Daniel Tigner, founder of Canadian Forest Tree Essences.

T: When you met Daniel Tigner, what did you find fascinating or even inspiring about his activity and how and when did you decide to start a company with him?

C: I met Daniel Tigner through a good friend who told me about his project on tree essences and his multiple interests and experiences in homeopathy, aromatherapy, crystals, massages, travels, and especially in meditation which was my passion.  I could immediately tell, Daniel was committed and believed in his work.

He offered to create an essence for me, with me looking at tree pictures and letting my intuition inspire me.  THAT DID IT!  Using that essence was very powerful as I was experiencing deep emotions.  I started feeling that the tree vibrations were carrying me, caring for me, and profoundly bringing out exactly what was needed at that time.
His book Healing through the natural resonance of trees, beautifully written, described his journey with each tree in the preparation of the Mother Tincture and explained the different meanings of each essence created.  I loved it.  He was gifted.
At that time, Daniel had 10 essences available: 7 single trees and 3 combinations of tree essences. Right then, I became involved creating, at his side, essences that were needed, such as Comfort and Reassurance essence, Practitioner’s essences, Women’s essences, etc.  We now have 54 products. The inspiration was incredible as we observed what was needed in today’s society.
There is now a product for most stages of life, emotional states, and needs.  Since then, my work as a practitioner has become a natural addition.  I continued studies in different fields such as Mediation & Conflict Resolution, Reiki, and Coaching. Ultimately, since 2013, I have been managing the company as Daniel is still involved but has other great projects he has been working on, mostly writing.

T: Aromatherapy has been around for a very long time now and Bach Flowers essences and other essential oils are all well-known and largely used now even in our western world.  Tree essences, however, sound quite unique and are much less known to the public at large.  Why using tree essences then, and how would you explain to the readers how they can benefit from them?

C: Tree essences are often confused with essential oils.  The process of preparation is totally different.  Tree essences, do not have a scent and they are prepared as an infusion in water.  Tree essences are taken orally except for our sprays.  Oils, to the contrary, are used externally, and the process of distillation is more complex.

For those who know Dr. Bach’s work in the 1930’s, our tree essences are very similar.  What differs is our tree essences are created with the energy of trees instead of mostly flowers as those of Bach are.  Also our tree essences are ready-to-take dosage, so no mixing is required.

Sometimes people ask if tree essences are like homeopathic remedies.  The two have something in common since they are both prepared as infinite dilutions, but they differ as for their action.  Homeopathy is based on the theory that “likes cures likes” using pathology to build immunity.  Tree essences are created with the imprint or the memory of trees embedded into water, and when we use them, the resonance captured from each tree awakens our inner most being to shine.  Basically, tree essences work via resonance to attune themselves with our natural rhythm and the light of our being.

Tree essences are not a remedy to fix a problem.  Taking an essence is like listening to music or taking a walk in the forest or simply experiencing the most beautiful sunset.  The effects are subtle, but in time quite profound.

How could we benefit from them?  Essences, used by themselves or added to other programs such as supplements, homeopathy, medications, are not intended to treat symptoms, but rather to touch the root of underlying causes, for examples of stress, fatigue, weight, pain, sorrows, low self-esteem and any other imbalances, that stop us from experiencing total well-being, joy, balance and peace.

As a pioneer in this vibrational medicine, Dr. Bach said: “Flowers and trees seem to have a direct impact on emotional states, underlying the physical and intellectual imbalances.” And that is why he decided to work with emotions too!

T: Can tree essences be beneficial and safely used also with children and animals, and if yes, in which cases?

C: Interesting you ask Teresa because actually, tree essences work best with animals and children. We know why!  Children and animals do not get in the way of joy and happiness the way adults do, due to mind and ego.  We notice results immediately with children and animals.  Some clients even reported that animals like their food better with essences.

As for their potential impact on children, a mother said that her 7 years old daughter was using an essence because she was experiencing strong emotions.  She already had a past of broken family and abuse.  One day she got very angry.  The mother asked what was happening and her daughter immediately responded: “Do you know why I am like this?  I am out of essences!” (smile)

Our essences are also quite effective when taking care of animals: a 12 years old cat was vomiting after every meal.  Nothing had worked.  After using ANIMAL RESCUE and DIGESTIVE essences, the problem was resolved immediately.  I also recommended that the owner too used Digestive essence, since animals and their owners are so connected.

What about adults?  Oh well, there is still hope. (smile)  Trees have their own way to carry us gently, even if sometimes we are a little more stubborn and we like to hang on to our misery a little longer...

How do we know they work? Thanks to the thousands of emails, testimonials from clients and practitioners who share their experiences and according to whom using tree essences enhances their journey towards happiness and overall health.

T: Do you have a few more experiences of clients who have used your tree essences and highly benefited from them that you would like to share with us?

C: Yes, of course.  A women, 65 years old, high blood pressure, overweight, cholesterol issues, symptoms of fatigue, low interest in any activities of life.  We used BODY IMAGE essences, for self- worth, confidence and understanding patterns.  We added synergy with HARMONY NO 3 for lack of energy and will, and feeling low, plus PONDEROSA PINE for courage and daring.  Within 6 months, she lost 30 pounds and, of course, as a result her overall health improved as well.

The essences did not make her lose weight, for, as we know, there are no magic pills, but rather they made her become aware of the reasons why she got in the way of herself to reach optimum health and weight.  Her attitude changed, her emotions shifted, her actions towards herself became positive and she stopped sabotaging her life.

A man, 48, years old, needed to make some major decisions that would have involved his whole family:  moving to another country, dragging his teen kids, changing company.  His question?  Was he making the RIGHT choice?  He was not sleeping, he was feeling stressed and his health was beginning to be affected at a physical level.  He used MILLENIUM JOURNEY essence.  This mixture allowed him to remain calmer, get an overall perspective of the whole situation and mostly be in a more natural state, able to listen to his intuition and make the necessary decisions.
All through the process and relocation, this man was able to act and speak according to his inner truth and do the best for both himself and his family.

T: Why is it important for you to share this project with the world?

C: Because living life in total harmony and health is our birth right.  I truly believe that our journey is for everyone to remember who they are and that all possibilities are available once we recognize that truth.  My passion is to assist beings in search of truth and help them to understand what gets into the way.  And tree essences are a gift to accomplish this mission.

T: Thank you, Céline, for all these interesting information about tree essences' benefits and how and when we can use them for our health and wellness. It has been a real pleasure interviewing with you and I wish you and Daniel Tigner all the success you deserve with your company.

C: Thank YOU Teresa for your interest in what trees can do for us.  It was a gem connecting with you and your readers.  I hope this was and will be useful, and I invite all readers to email me directly for questions or inquiries about essences for themselves or as practitioners ,

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